The Adventures of Bearwolf


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A whimsical journey through a fantastic world that is just right for bedtime.

Join Bearwolf and his best friend, Fidget the frog, as they encounter memorable adventures in a world where the sky's the limit! Written completely in verse, this collection holds several tales in the magical world of Bearwolf and his friends. Each story is full of unexpected adventure, and each tale has a real-world message delivered in a gentle way. In this fantasy world of Penguineapigs, an eccentric Professor, and other magical folk, children young and old will embark on a wonderful journey that's just right for bedtime.

After a busy day, a good book for bedtime is a must. The adventures of Bearwolf and his friends fits perfectly, and is sure to be a favorite for bedtime reading. Reminiscent of the TV series Sarah and Duck, and with touches of British and Native American lore, this collection of stories is written in verse to help children relax after a big day. The stories are interesting, but not over stimulating, and give stressed out kids something totally new and different to explore. While set in a magical world, children gently learn real lessons about diversity, friendship, and responsibility. There were a few instances of crude humor, and a bit of pronoun confusion in the last chapter. Additionally, the last story in the book can seem a bit scary if it's too late at night. However, Bearwolf and his magical friends are always ready to lend a helping hand, and explore a new horizon.

Great for parents or an older sibling to read aloud to a little one, this collection adds a touch of whimsy to any library. Get ready for a magical adventure unlike any you've ever seen. Just remember not to scare the Penguineapigs!

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Hello! I am Dakota Love, and I am an indie author, blogger, and book reviewer. I have published over forty indie titles, including "The Allies: Family and Friends", "The Guardian of Freedom", and "Coyote Stories: Legends of a Manitou." I love nothing better than to discover new stories.


"The Adventures of Bearwolf" is a collection of seven beautiful stories in verse for reading to children aged 5+. They are perfect for reading aloud with children and a lot of fun for adults to perform. Influenced by Roald Dahl and Lewis Carroll, they are colourful and thought-provoking modern myths for curious and playful children.

1. Bearwolf and Fidget

Fidget finds a Predictascope and Bearwolf learns that sometimes our own bubbles are the hardest to see.

2. The Bravest Penguineapig

Pete the Penguineapig finds out what it's like to be a monster for a night.

3. The Baldrus Olymbics

The boasting Baldrus show us how to win lots of medals... and lose lots of friends.

4. The Lonely Giraffe

Mr. Giraffe writes the most epic poem of his life, then blasts off into space.

5. Mant VS Grab

The Mant and the Grab fight over who started it.

6. Professor Yessir's Birthday Machine

The Professor tries to automate happiness, but finds there is something missing.

7. The Cruckoo's Napsack

A Cruckoo arrives with a sack of golden brown slotatoes and Bearwolf wakes up to find everyone else is napping.

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I am a writer from the UK. My new book "The Adventures of Bearwolf" is a collection of 7 bedtime stories for children influenced by Lewis Carroll and Roald Dahl, and told in rhymes that are great fun for adults and older siblings to perform to the younger ones. For ages 5-10 and playful parents. view profile

Published on November 01, 2020

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