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The Addictoholic Deconstructed


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An encouraging and powerful survival/recovery guide for addicts of all kinds, from a medical doctor who once was an addict herself.

Addiction needs no introduction; we’ve all learned about it in the past from some source or the other. We know it’s horrific and destructive and we carefully abstain, but how do people slip into addiction in the first place? Are people addicts merely because they are corrupt and immoral, or are genetic or other factors responsible? The Addictoholic Deconstructed by Dr. Nicole Labor, a doctor who treats addiction, “deconstructs” typical addicts of our time to give insights into the predispositions and causes responsible for addiction, treatments available, and lifetime maintenance challenges a de-addicted person will be tasked with, to avoid relapse.


One most important revelation of the book is that addiction is a chronic disease of the brain. Continuous exposure to addictive stimuli, i.e., addictive substances or behaviors, permanently alter the way the brain normally functions. Timely intervention and treatment can usually reverse it. However, reversal is a slow process.


The author’s writing style is straightforward and blunt. Her language is profane at places, but I believe maybe it’s on purpose to be friendly to addicts, her primary audience! I suppose diseased people feel comfortable when they know that the doctor who’s counseling them was once like them herself. And when they see that she’s friendly, speaks and thinks like them, they feel quite at home with her. Another reason is she’s fought her way out of addiction herself, so the “hardening” in her language is natural and acceptance should not be problem, given the circumstances.


The Addictoholic Deconstructed is highly topical and relevant because of the increasing prevalence of addiction worldwide. Addiction is a big killer and addicts are a threatened lot whose lives hang by a hair. On top of depressing factors like low self-esteem, loneliness, lack of education and vocational skills, problems finding and maintaining gainful employment, etc., is the utter gloom and hopelessness one is seized with when abstinence fails and relapse occurs. Coming from a practicing addiction specialist, who was once an addict herself, this book can bring reliable and reassuring knowledge/guidance that can save in such circumstances.


It’s because of the hope it offers that I believe it’s a great resource for the survival/recovery of addicts of all kinds—and rightly recommend it to them. Besides addicts, this book, being one in the “essential” category of books, is one that everyone should own. So, if you don’t already own a book on addiction, I recommend you add this book to your library. It’ll keep you informed about addiction so you can help yourself, friends, and family whenever addicts known to you require help/counsel/treatment.


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Dr. Labor is a recovering addict and board certified addiction medicine physician who spends time educating healthcare professionals, churches, schools and community members on the disease of addiction and works to remove the stigma surrounding addiction. view profile

Published on November 03, 2019

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