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Tame My Racing Heart


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Not for me 😔

Tame My Racing Heart is too predictable to be recommended to any audience.

After a big race, Sami Jo McLean just wants a little downtime, but her uncle, who doubles as her boss, has other plans. Uncle Royce invites Sami Jo over, and she expects the typical dinner, but her heart stops when she sees Grayson Finch, her first love and very first heartbreak. Sami Jo has been receiving threatening photos. She's unfazed by this until she eyes one of her hiking alone in the mountains; she hadn't even told her family she was going. Grayson is there to protect Sami Jo at events and during races. Can Grayson keep Sami Jo safe? Will Sami Jo let him after he broke her heart? Will Sami Jo let her feelings for Grayson get in the way of her safety? Find out in Tame My Racing Heart by Kelly Duff!

I did not really enjoy this book. It wasn't horrible, but it was predictable. The book switches perspectives between Sami Jo and Grayson frequently, which added an interesting perspective but also took away a little bit of the mystery from the scenes. I also felt it was sometimes a little unclear who we were following. The racing action was an interesting twist on a classic romance, but it didn't feel complete, as there are only a few scenes of actual racing and they're pretty glossed over.

There was an aspect of mystery in the threatening letters. Readers will be on edge when reading this book, for sure. That said, the ending felt abrupt and incomplete. I also found the ending to be very expected. There were a few twists I didn't quite see coming, and I was grateful for those. I did like the relationship growth between Sami Jo and Grayson. It flowed nicely, even if it was a bit foreshadowed.

There were both sex scenes and foul language, so I would recommend a mature audience. I believe that lovers of romance and mystery will expect more from this book and will be disappointed. I did find some errors in the editing, like missing or incorrect words and punctuation, but it did not affect my overall read of the book, and there were very few. After a careful review, I wouldn't recommend Tame My Racing Heart.

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Kelly Duff is an award-winning romance author who writes about strong women and hunky heroes. Inspired by music and thanks to a career in the radio business, Kelly weaves her experiences from the green rooms and backstages of concert venues into her romance novels. view profile

Published on February 14, 2021

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Contains mild explicit content ⚠️

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Genre: Romantic Suspense

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