Synchro. Gods, Kings and Warriors


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A coming of age story set in a fantasy world as one young prince attempts to gain incredible powers as threats converge on the kingdom.

In another world where people can reach powers of Godlike proportions, five kingdoms are attempting to keep up an uneasy peace. The young Blue Kingdom is facing threats both inside and out of its borders. Now their youngest prince Ash is coming into his powers, and he will need them with the help of a rival, to keep his kingdom and family safe. The story of Synchro. Gods, Kings, and Warriors by Jonathan D.C. is one of fantasy, intrigue, and coming of age; as Ash starts his training to become one of the disciples who eventually become the greatest warriors in all the kingdoms.

I couldn't help but admire the world D.C. created, making sure there was no missed detail in how things operated and creating a vivid picture. However, that was also the major negative aspect of the story. There were so many information dumps about the world and its history. Some points felt like I was reading a textbook about the fictional world. Another off-putting aspect was a large amount of dialogue, there were times when it took up nearly whole chapters and offered a small amount of background description. Though one positive feature I would like to point out is the well-written characters Jonathan D.C. has populated his world with, especially with Ash's family. The author did an excellent job in making each of the characters' voices unique as they explain the world they find themselves in. Also, the notes the author adds help to guide the readers along does help in better understanding the story at times.

Despite some of the flaws, I was easily drawn into the story of Synchro. Gods, Kings, and Warriors with the need to know what else was to come. I can say for sure this is a good starting point for future stories set in this world as Ash and his family continue to discover their paths in life.

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I'm Jonathan, a Master student in Accounting and a new Author. Synchro is my first book. I dream to write books once I realized some movies and anime were inspired from them. I started writing the volume of Synchro (Gods, Kings and Warriors), after I read Against the God Novel. view profile

Published on November 20, 2020

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