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Sword of Lions


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A marvelous epic quest that fits right in with the Arthurian myths and old English folk tales.

The Sword of Lions tells the story of Janet, Crown Princess of Avanna and her quest to rescue her family and her kingdom from the curse of a malicious enemy from the past. She has to learn to harness her own magic, trust her heart and rely on old and new friends in order to break the curse. Janet’s journey will not only teach her how to break the curse put on her family, but it will also show her what she is made of and what she truly wants in life.

I found Princess Janet charming. She is brave and independent but also scholarly and sometimes frustrated by how little control she wields over her magic. Her relationship with her six sisters at the beginning of the story is sweet and very believable. The way her younger sisters tease Janet about why she has yet to choose a husband is delightfully realistic.

Her interactions with her childhood best friend turned bodyguard, Malcolm of Bonaparte, are equally well written. They are filled with a delicious tension as both Janet and Malcolm refuse to admit that deeper feelings have blossomed between them. I sometimes just wanted to yell at them both to stop pretending and just say they love each other. When done wrong it can be frustrating to read about characters that are in denial about their love for one another, however the author gives very good reasons why both Janet and Malcolm are reluctant to reveal their true hearts. Ultimately, these obstacles add greater depth to their love story.  

This more Romantic storyline is deftly tied into the bigger tale of the magical curse. I absolutely adored how the author incorporated characters from different folktales and legends into the story including Robin Hood, Merlin, and even my favorite gentleman thief: Arsene Lupin!

The story moves along at a fast clip and each new revelation and plot twist kept my interest until I couldn’t wait to find out if Janet and her comrades were able to break the curse and save the kingdom.

There are a few formatting errors here and there but they do not distract from the story and are easily overlooked. I sincerely hope the author will go on to tell more stories about the kingdom of Avanna especially what lies in store for Janet's youngest sister Alexis and the sly and smiling hero Andre!

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Published on April 15, 2022

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