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Perhaps an alternative to the Oxford Dictionary? Useful for those not quite up to date with the new terms being spouted. Sure ain't "janky"!

Often find yourself wondering what in the heck people are saying these days, or is it just me? Has the English language become one long acronym that renders the majority of us speechless?

When you find yourself politely nodding when someone shouts the virtues of a YouTube video being so ASMR (autonomous sensory meridian response - triggers a tingle on the spine) or asking for a ‘John Daly’ (it’s an Arnold Palmer - iced tea and lemonade - with vodka added), then this dictionary by author and journalist Timothy Fay will guide you through the new way to speak, or at least enable you to understand what others are endeavoring to articulate.

Set out pretty much like a standard dictionary, words are given its meaning and in some cases an example of how it would be used.

There are ordinary words that surprisingly have other meanings such as ‘landmine’ – slang for hidden dog doo and other such surprises. Many expressions I’ve heard (such as ‘she-shed’ – the female equivalent of a man cave). With words/acronyms/phrases from around the world, the book opens up the myriad of expressions and words used in an everyday setting.

Clear, concise and easy to read, I really enjoyed this quirky read. It’s funny – ‘lackanookie’ (little bedroom action) still makes me giggle – and informative in a strange way. I hadn’t heard of the expression ‘on everything but roller skates’, which means heavily medicated. Either read in one sitting or flick through and research things you’ve heard: ‘bike salmon’ (cycling the wrong way), ‘dessertarian’ (emphasizes desserts in the diet) and “I’ll Venmo you' (means a check in the mail). I found myself smiling throughout, nodding in agreement (to a meaning), muttering ‘huh’ (as in, is that what it means?), groaning at the puns, and just bursting out in laughter.

Lighthearted fun, informative and a must read for any logophiles.

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A published author, mom and wife. When I'm not reading, I love to craft - paper, wool, clay, cloth (don't mention how much glitter there is...) as well as bake. My six years old daughter keeps me busy and always smiling. I hail from the UK but have been living in the US for just over nine years.

Suburban Dictionary: First Chapter

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A collector of slang and sarcasm, I worked as a writer for the Atlanta Journal-Constitution in the '90s. In Atlanta, I covered “ethno-burbs.” I’ve written for 18 years in journalism and finance. I'm the Dad of a cheeky teenager. Loves: reading, roaming the Western U.S.: "the call of the canyons." view profile

Published on February 14, 2020

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