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Stitches: A Witty, Relatable, and Engrossing Women's Fiction Read


Loved it! 😍

What does it take to reinvent your life while coming to grips with your past?

The story focuses on Jen Conrad as she became a widow and experiencing depression after not knowing what to do with her life. Her family doesn't offer moral support, including her sister Maggie, whom I loath very much in the book as she comes off as a very snooty and spoiled brat. As the story progresses, Jen decides to take a chance in setting up her shop (with the help of her friend Renee) and befriends other women in the area who want to help on a major needlepoint project.

To me, the entire book reads like a TV series. Think of the chapters in the book as one hour-long episode where you witness the lives of the characters who navigate their way through slice-of-life moments while coming together as one cohesive group. The book explores themes of grief, abuse, and the power of friendships in unlikely places. It feels like a saga wrapped in one package. And let's not forget the drama! While I've had my share in watching telenovelas, this story really takes the cake. Plot twists galore! Definitely not a dull moment when reading the story. There's plenty of witty banter and feel-good moments.

A couple of grammatical errors were consistent throughout the story. While I did enjoy the plot, I felt that it was jumping through different scenes. In some areas, I felt a bit confused about the direction of the storyline. Sometimes, there's a focus on the lives of the secondary characters while other scenes focused on Jen's monologue in her navigation through the political drama with her family. A couple of chapters were really short and considered to be fillers. The romance part for Jen at the very end felt a bit rushed. To me, I felt that could've been expanded better.

Overall, I do recommend this book to those who are looking for a unique story that provides perspectives from all angles with teachable moments about what it's like to overcome grief and suffering. Kathy Weyer has done a wonderful job in bringing the characters to life while keeping the focus on the themes mentioned above.

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Kathy Weyer is an author, artist, and advocate. She was awarded first prize (twice) by the Palm Springs Writers Guild for fiction and memoir contests and has been published in several magazines. She is the author of Stitches and the forthcoming sequels, Canvas and Pages. view profile

Published on April 06, 2021

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Contains mild explicit content ⚠️

Genre: Women's Fiction

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