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Stealing the Spanish Princess


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Fast-paced, meticulous, erudite, a fantastic art crime thriller that keeps you engaged and enthralled.

Stealing the Spanish Princess starts on an interesting note, describing Richard Langley observing a mummified foot. Swiftly, it moves to introduce the characters who will play an investigative role in the events that unfold.


In this erudite and engaging work, author Bea Green sets the premise of a ravishing thriller. From nuances of Scotland Yard, to carefully etched personalities of each character and elaborate descriptions of places, we are treated to fantastic perspective in the backdrop of a crime.


Richard, a man with an intellectual bent, works as a detective in the art and antiquities crime unit of Scotland Yard. Dedicated to "...restoring cultural treasures to their grateful owners..." he is invited to a meeting in the homicide unit. He is shocked to see the photo of a murdered body in the case dossier that he casually opens.


The mystery that Richard and a team of experts are looking into has multi-national, multi-cultural dimensions. Adrenaline flows as this unlikely team tries to solve the murder mystery through preferences and perspectives. Oft, the writer brings out workplace frustrations and differences - of an art and history enthusiast teamed with "line of duty" professionals - to solve a high-profile case.


The writing is meticulous; the author has spent ample time on scenes and people. It is not a rushed work yet fast-paced. In times like ours, when people prefer the visual extravaganza of web series, Bea makes efforts to sketch imagery with words. One of my favorites is when Richard looks longingly at the thoroughfare scenes on the Thames from a glass window because his own office is tucked away in the basement.


While the genre is different, the delving into art stories reminded me of another beautiful book that I had thoroughly enjoyed - Girl With a Pearl Earring by Tracy Chevalier. Bea's writings, of course, hold closer semblance to the work of the celebrated Agatha Christie. 


A weekend read, in one of my favorite genres - crime thriller and history - I am glad for picking up this book. Splattered with generous information on art and history, this is a delightful book. I look forward to reading more by the author and gladly give 5-stars to this promising work. 

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I was the daughter of a British diplomat and spent my younger years in Brazil and Mexico. My mother is Spanish and I am close to my Spanish family. I live in Edinburgh with my husband and two kids. My latest book, Stealing the Spanish Princess, is the first in a series of art crime books. view profile

Published on November 11, 2020

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Genre: Mystery & Crime

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