Songs of Blood


Not for me 😔

Blood, immortality and music collide in this historical paranormal setting

In this world, Immortals hear songs from the members of their coven, in particular, they are all searching to hear that one song from their eternal mate. Lian is the King of the Immortals. Lian has dealt with trauma and this has affected his songs and impacted on his coven. He is losing his grip on his rule until his song gets revitalised when he bumps into Delilah, a young woman whose song entrances him.

Delilah is opinionated and stubborn. She is thankful of the help that Lian provides but she also is hesitant, not sure what it means. I like that she didn’t just accept everything outright.

However, Lian is in a position of power. Hearing how he must resist Delilah when around her was uncomfortable to read.

Lian's relationships were already established, which I don’t mind in a book, but I didn’t feel emotionally invested in his trauma or his relationships with the coven or Celia, his mate. Maybe alternate chapters with a past storyline would have tied everything together for me. I am still very confused with the history and world building which is one of the reasons this book didn’t work for me.

With Delilah, she falls in love quickly and this becomes a big part of the book. As this book was split between Lian and Delilah, we didn’t get to see enough character development or have enough emotional investment in both of them.

Also Angelica. I don’t like how the only woman in the book who is confident sexually, with an abusive past, is made out to be the mentally unstable villain. Mental illness does not make someone into a villain. I just wish this had been handled better or rather, this part was changed completely, and Angelica was a confident woman, with mental illness that she is treating and while being jealous, she was able to come together and protect the women of the coven. That would have made for a much more powerful read for me.

I would still recommend this book to readers who like a paranormal setting and don’t really mind about world building and past histories. I think if you want to read a book with characters you can root for and different magic system and the coven trope written in a different way, this will be for you. Sadly it wasn’t for me. 

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A lifelong teacher of English and independent author, Renee is the co-author of the World of the Aegeans Historical Paranormal series. Born and raised in Barbados, Renee has enjoyed a decade long online creative relationship with Rae Stilwell, her co-writer on the World of the Aegeans series. view profile

Published on June 26, 2020

90000 words

Contains mild explicit content ⚠️

Genre: Fantasy

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