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Songs of Autumn


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Fans of Serpent & Dove and The Princess Bride, here's another tale filled with action, fate-defying odds and a swoon-worthy romance.

Songs of Autumn will sweep readers away from the very beginning. Sevier has crafted a story of epic proportions. The world building is spectacularly done, and engrosses readers in a world of magick and fate.

Sevier's prose brings to life characters of an interesting dynamic and charm. The chemistry between the main characters shimmers. There's plenty of witty banter, at least initially, but this soon mellows into affection and then soaring romance.

"I want to be the kind of man that deserves you."

The emotional heart of this epic adventure leaves readers caring about both primary and secondary characters. This is not an easy feat to accomplish, with many books with a large cast failing to add depth to all their characters. This is not the case with Songs of Autumn. The POV of the book is well designed and aids readers in forging connections with the main characters, as well each of the secondary characters.

Unfortunately, the book does seem to lack a level of diversity and hold some double standards for male and female behaviours. The book suffered from the typical presentation of a male romance lead who is more romantically experienced than his female counter-part. It would have been refreshing to see a twist on this, as many medieval inspired fantasy novels have this character trope.

Songs of Autumn asks readers to consider the question of fate as they watch Liz battle against her (and her lovers) destiny. Emotional and raw, the book delves into the emotional experience of loss, and finding your new place in the world.

The premise seems somewhat familiar, and could be critiqued for relying somewhat heavily on the 'Chosen One' premise. The main character, Liz, though enjoyable seems reactive and the book plot dominates her development with seemingly limited agency from herself for the main of the book. I am curious to see how the character develops in the next books.

While the chemistry between characters is spot on for most of the book, it does feel as though the romance develops rapidly. But this is the case for most of the book. Its fast paced and filled with action as the characters battle against fate itself.

Overall, this book is enjoyable for fans of the fantasy genre looking for a fast-paced action/adventure/romance.

Trigger Warnings: Parental Death/abandonment

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Lauren Sevier lives a simple life in small town Central, Louisiana with her family and two mischievous dogs. She’s a proud firefighter wife and mother to her miracle son, born through IVF after an eight-year battle with infertility. view profile

Published on November 21, 2020

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