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Someone's Story


Must read 🏆

This is one of those once in a lifetime books that will hit you & leave you reeling. Life. Friendship. Mental health. This book has it all.

This book is...well different. When I started reading this I honestly thought this book was the most down to earth and 'honest' book about mental health from a teenage perspective. Having finished it, honestly, I am left reeling and struggling to find the right way to describe the book. B.A. Bellec has truly created a masterpiece that deserves worldwide recognition, awards and so much more. Someone's Story focuses on 'Someone' and his struggle with anxiety. Written in a first-person narrative, we never learn 'Someone's' name as he chronicles his life from his inner thoughts and the mundane to his bunch of misfit friends with a heavy dose of stereotypical teenage drama.

Someone's Story is an emotional piece that is littered with pop culture references; loss and grieving; friendship and the struggles they can bring; mental health and its ups and downs and so much more...there is so much packed within just one book yet at the same time feels not enough. 

It is raw and emotional, yet sensitive and bittersweet. This book is sure to take you on a rollercoaster of emotions. For a story that started at a slow 'jogging pace' if you will, it almost lulls you into a false sense of security just so it can hit you with a sense of urgency. A faster pace. And finally a metric-tonne of emotions.

At its core, B.A. Bellec has managed to write about some very serious topics which most of the world still believes is taboo, yet every so often, the author manages to lighten the mood and balance the book with funnier moments and some interesting advice on life. The almost journal-like approach and tone towards parts of 'Someone's' teenage life never becomes melodramatic or fake. Instead, it is raw and honest. 

I honestly and truly adored this book. I have not felt this way after reading a book for a long time and it is hard to explain. Trust me when I say that this is a MUST READ book. Treasure the slower jogging pace and once that midway drama kicks in, prepare for the marathon and drink in every word. I believe that everyone young or old should pick up a copy, find somewhere comfortable and just dig in...

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I'm Beckie, an avid reader, and a creative person. I own my own book business creating sketchbooks and journals by hand - but I love reading too! I wasn't aware of my dyslexia until I was 19 but it has never stopped me from devouring every book I've managed to get my hands on!


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B.A. was born in Richmond, BC and raised in Langley, BC, before settling in Winnipeg, MB. His first adventure was a career in Finance, where he spent 15 years developing his business skills. Publishing a book was a dream of his. Now it is coming true. B.A. is active on most social media platforms! view profile

Published on April 12, 2020

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Contains mild explicit content ⚠️

Genre: Coming of Age

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