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A phenomenal graphic novel that teaches an important lesson about accepting others and loving each other for our differences.

Snowlands is the first installment in a new series set in a world of animals of all kinds. The central character is Feba, a young wolf cub with a pure white coat that has grown up as an outcast of her pack. The wolves' food supply has been disappearing and scouting groups have been turning up dead. Feba's white coat is a bad omen, and the wolf council threatens to kill her to stop the curse on the pack, which causes Feba to flee into the unknown for a chance of survival.

Feba then meets Usha, a lone leopard searching for her son, and Batu, an adorable animal that only says "Batu" and can sing beautifully. With her newfound friends, Feba goes on a journey to find the lost cubs of the wolves, but danger follows her at every turn. Someone is tracking Feba and will stop at nothing to get their hands on a white wolf cub. Will Feba and her friends be able to find out what is happening to the Snowlands and save the wolf cubs?

Morr Meroz first graphic novel, Snowlands, is full of dynamic characters that pull readers right into the story. The rugged art style allows for the personalities of each character to shine and for effective and engaging world-building. This is not a book that you will pick up, read a handful of pages, and put back down for later. It is a book that is very easy to pick it up and read the whole thing because the story is so captivating. The pages sadly go by so quickly and will leave you hungry for more.

Snowlands is the first publication of the Snowlands Company that aims to publish books and graphic novels. They nail it with fun and color story that also tackles some serious topics. Middle grade to adult readers will love Snowlands, a universal story of love and acceptance.

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A brand-new, full-color graphic novel series for animal fantasy fans that delivers a daring adventure and a mysterious threat that has animals–prey and predator alike–disappearing.

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Morr Meroz is an animation filmmaker and author. Morr founded Bloop Animation in 2013, a leading animation learning platform with over twenty thousand students. In 2020, Morr founded the Snowlands Company to produce books and graphic novels, including the Snowlands series. view profile

Published on December 07, 2021

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