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Scam-Proof Your Assets - Guarding Against Widespread Deception


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Scam - Proof Your Assets is the must-read essential guide for protecting business and personal assets in today’s scam ridden world.

You would have to be living under a rock today to not know how widespread scamming is in the world. From emails informing you about millions you inherited to robocalls trying to get your social security number, it is easy to fall prey if you are not paying attention. Bestselling author, Garrett Sutton has stepped in to help us understand how important it is to use critical thinking to stay one step ahead of the scammers.

I am glad that the author does not only focus on the elderly being scammed, but also discusses the fact that millennials are just as vulnerable. Too often books or articles on scamming focus only on the elderly and this gives other groups a false sense of security. I am also happy to see that Garrett Sutton included a section on romance fraud because this can potentially affect every age group and class.  With the proliferation of online dating, this section is very timely and worth the read.

Scam – Proof Your Assets provides valuable information on how to identify con artists and how to protect your identity daily. The author emphasizes the importance of verification before getting involved in any deals. The fourteen chapters in this book are a treasure trove of information for any age group. From Meet Mr. Ponzi to Scam Proof Your Assets, Garrett Sutton provides provocative, real life examples that are scary but essential for the reader to grasp. The special appendix about suicide and cyber criminality is a very sobering section that readers should definitely peruse.

The author does not just talk about the problems, Sutton also provides workable solutions that we can all find useful. In chapter 13 of Scam-Proof Your Assets, there is a proposed solution referred to as Cyber Bounty Hunters. In this chapter, the reader gets a chance to see what the US Constitution allows us to do to protect ourselves from scamming. Readers can also see what has been done in the past to try to stop scammers from getting to our assets.

I recommend Scam-Proof Your Assets without reservation. Purchase this book for yourself, your kids, your parents, and grandparents. Read it more than once and keep it as a point of reference because scammers do not take a holiday.

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