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Rose the cat-dog


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A cute story that's great for young readers or parents looking for a new book

Rose the Cat-Dog is a fantastic and fantastically cute picture book. The book has a great story about a rescue dog trying to figure out her place in her new family when a new baby arrives. The reader gets to witness Rose try and fail and try again as she attempts to work out her place in her family. I think the picture book has a great, important story for kids to see and read. The theme of this book isn't new, but the story feels new and the tale is applicable for young children of all ages.

The art style of the drawings was very good. The drawings are simple, but they do an excellent job enhancing the story. The illustrations are cute and they really capture the overall tone of the story.

As a main character, Rose is great. The book alludes to some very bad things happening to her, but it's handled in a way that doesn't feel heavy or would upset a young child. She's a great character and one that kids will latch onto very easily. All in all, this is a great book for young children, whether they're being read to or learning to read themselves.

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Celebrate love, joy and peculiarity! Rose is a tiny and timid rescue dog who likes to keep to herself. Her humans even think of her as a cat-dog because of her quiet, quirky feline ways. That is, until Rose decides to act like a "real" dog to love, protect and play with the new baby about to join her family. Rose would soon find out whether that was really the best way to be a good dog for her new little human sister.

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Todd Albert is a family man, self-taught beard & camping enthusiast (no one in Brooklyn had beards or went camping in the 80s) and Pacific Northwest transplant whose life was deeply affected by the adoption of a unique rescue dog named Rose. Follow Rose's adventures on Instagram @rosethecatdog. view profile

Published on May 28, 2021

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