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Roger and Wesley


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Oh my goodness gracious, what an adorable book. Even the pages leading up to the story were cute.

Oh my goodness gracious, what an adorable book. Even the pages leading up to the story were cute. I loved the smiley faces on the glue bottles and teddy bears. (Illustrated by Brittney Hassinger). Roger and Wesley were also adorable. Their happy expressions made me smile. 

The page where the toy split and stuck to Wesley's rear end was funny. I know young kids will be giggling over this image. 

At Roger and Wesley's repair shop, you'll meet a lot of animals who have a common dilemma—their favorite toys were broken. For toddlers, use this opportunity to teach or reinforce the names of animals and their unique sounds. You could also point to a picture and ask the color with all the vibrant colors utilized. Babies might not understand the words, but I think they'll like all the colors! 

Roger and Wesley by Elizabeth Hastings is a good book for those learning to read on their own. There are one to three lines per page and house words that (for the most part) should be not too difficult for children to pronounce. I think maybe only a couple stand out, which might be tricky. With that being said, I give it a couple of attempts, and they'll know those words too! 

Roger and Wesley has the potential to appeal and be used by toddlers through kindergarten.

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Roger and Wesley are best friends. They face a predicament one day when they break one of their beloved toys! Tag along with them as they figure out how to repair it while helping others along the way.

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Elizabeth Hastings lives in Manchester, Michigan with her husband, daughter, and two dogs. She never imagined writing was in her future, at least not until she had her daughter. She decided to capture those precious moments of inspiration after seeing her daughter’s love for her favorite dogs. view profile

Published on March 09, 2022

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