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Revolution: The Ritual Saga


Not for me 😔

The potential is there but the execution was lacking and hence the story didn't land.

I wanted to like this book, I really did. In all honesty, I did at first. I had to read the first book before reading this one so that I didn't go into the story blind.

The story follows Nikki as she continues her journey as the vessel. Now there is a lot about this book that didn't land for me. The plot seemed rushed at parts and then there were scenes that were just extremely unnecessary which in turn made the story drag on. I would have liked to see a more believable progression of the story.

Admittedly, I disliked the main character, Nikki. Her personality seemed too much like a caricature and not an actual person which made the story hard to get through since we were seeing the world through her eyes.

Some of the character developments that Nikki went through were just laughably unrealistic and I found myself rolling my eyes way too often. The other characters were mostly two dimensional and unforgettable. I didn't care what happened to any of the characters which is never something you want for your story.

The world building is the part of the book that I really enjoyed and wished was fleshed out a bit more. The dynamics between the different houses, races etc should have been explored. It was interesting and quite different from what I was used to seeing in urban YA fantasy.

The writing is where I almost lost my mind. The book was clearly not edited. It was littered with grammatical, punctuation and spelling errors. There were times where the sentences had misplaced modifiers which took me out of the story. Main recommendation, find a good editor.

Overall, I'm hard on this book because I see so much potential in this world and story but since it didn't deliver, I didn't have the reading experience I would have liked. I think the main thing the author should do is to find an editor, as that should correct most of the problems I found with this book so it can be better.

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Growing up, I was always intrigued by vampires, possibly because I'm a night bird too. Always making up stories in my head, I put it to good use. I wrote a story I would like to read. Ritual begin as a stand alone novel, but the more I wrote the bigger the story became. It turned into a saga. view profile

Published on January 31, 2020

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150000 words

Contains mild explicit content ⚠️

Worked with a Reedsy professional 🏆

Genre: Urban Fantasy

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