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Loved it! 😍

An engaging suspense novel with an interesting cast of characters and compelling, descriptive writing.

Nick is a psychologist and the book describes his sessions and relationships with his clients. It was clear that the author had much experience in the field. This was especially evident in his work with the character, Michael. We are given an insight into terms like avoidance, repression and deflect. So there is almost an element of non-fiction as we witness a therapist at work. It's interesting that Michael is painted as a victim, having suffered childhood trauma, yet when events begin to unfold, the reader automatically selects him as the villain.

Nick loves his wife, Ashley and his daughter, Elena. Small details, like how they enjoyed playing the 'moo-moo' game together, brought the story to life. When Elena is kidnapped, the obvious suspects are Nick's clients. When she is found safely, she refers to the kidnapper as 'Uncle Donald.' Nick and the sheriff exchange information to get to the bottom of the case, but Nick is concerned about breaking client confidentiality. Having built up a relationship with his clients, he is reticent to believe they would do something to hurt him. A murder, a suicide and a warning that Elena could still be at risk all add to the drama.

When Ashley's business has difficulties it puts a strain on their relationship. I was willing Nick to be faithful to Ashley and not follow the cliche of becoming involved with his colleague, Kristen. It was clear that she was interested in him. Inevitably, someone spots him leaving the 'Blue Moon' with Kristen and Ashley naturally fears the worst.

The author cleverly drip-feeds information which influences the reader's hypothesis, then adds a surprise twist. The climactic scene at the end was very well written and felt intense. The writing was engaging and I felt invested in the characters.

I would recommend this read and wish the author every success with publication.

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I am a single mother of three. When I was diagnosed with MS, I gave up teaching music to follow my writing dream. I am an avid reader and currently review for NetGalley and Mills and Boon. I publish reviews on Goodreads and my blog. I particularly enjoy psychological thrillers, crime, and romance.

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I have written professionally since 1978, mostly for newspapers and magazines, but I've also written screenplays and just completed my second novel. I also have been a mental health counselor for the last 14 years and was an attorney a long time ago. view profile

Published on July 11, 2022

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