Progressive Frequency


Not for me 😔

A collection which intends to heal but lacks the substance necessary to do so.

Rodriguez’s Progressive Frequency comes from a good place. She wishes to heal and encourage her reader to heal too; to identify the habits which are no longer serving them and be done with them. 

Unfortunately, for me, the structure of the collection lacked cohesion (even in the three parts), the poetry was very pedestrian and the thoughts and motivations were incredibly cliche. Progressive Frequency lacked originality and, at times, sincerity. 

I am sure, for some, Rodriguez’s words will comfort and be the burst of self-love they have craved. But they are words and ideas we see everywhere - suggestions without substance because they talk about self-love, healing and suriving trauma as if it’s as easy as waking up in the morning and smiling at yourself in the mirror. 

I wanted to see the raw side of healing - the side we all attempt to hide in our journeys. Often in healing we encounter more pain than we do respite, and this is part of the process. However, Rodriguez’s Progressive Frequency does not harness this truth; it glosses over it with hashtags and lack-lustre prose.

Subsequently, although Progressive Frequency comes from a good place, it struggles to achieve what Rodriguez set out to do. 

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Published on September 20, 2019

Published by That Guy's House

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