Progressive Frequency


Not for me 😔

A collection which intends to heal but lacks the substance necessary to do so.


Progressive Frequency is a collection of poems, journal-like entries and quotes anyone can easily resonate with. Sheryl vulnerably expresses her most precious experiences with a metaphysical prose in an array style of poems. The hopeless will find love, the desperate will reclaim strength and your soul will blossom with compassion. This book will align your heart and frequency to help you progress in your journey.

Rodriguez’s Progressive Frequency comes from a good place. She wishes to heal and encourage her reader to heal too; to identify the habits which are no longer serving them and be done with them. 

Unfortunately, for me, the structure of the collection lacked cohesion (even in the three parts), the poetry was very pedestrian and the thoughts and motivations were incredibly cliche. Progressive Frequency lacked originality and, at times, sincerity. 

I am sure, for some, Rodriguez’s words will comfort and be the burst of self-love they have craved. But they are words and ideas we see everywhere - suggestions without substance because they talk about self-love, healing and suriving trauma as if it’s as easy as waking up in the morning and smiling at yourself in the mirror. 

I wanted to see the raw side of healing - the side we all attempt to hide in our journeys. Often in healing we encounter more pain than we do respite, and this is part of the process. However, Rodriguez’s Progressive Frequency does not harness this truth; it glosses over it with hashtags and lack-lustre prose.

Subsequently, although Progressive Frequency comes from a good place, it struggles to achieve what Rodriguez set out to do. 

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I am an English teacher and a writer. I published my first poetry collection, Between the Trees, in May 2019. I read widely and avidly and review through Reedsy Discovery, Amazon Vine and individual review requests. All reviews are published on Amazon, Goodreads and my blog - My Screaming Twenties.


Progressive Frequency is a collection of poems, journal-like entries and quotes anyone can easily resonate with. Sheryl vulnerably expresses her most precious experiences with a metaphysical prose in an array style of poems. The hopeless will find love, the desperate will reclaim strength and your soul will blossom with compassion. This book will align your heart and frequency to help you progress in your journey.

Today I woke up and decided to press play.

No more pausing, waiting or unnecessary delay.

I’ve accepted I can’t go back to fix and rewind.

I don’t want to relive or fast forward time.

I’ll grow from the lessons bestowed upon me.

And know with full faith here is where I should be.

No questions to ask, no doubt left to fill.

I’ll remain on my task of peace and freewill.

I awoke from the slumber, with intentions to dive.

In all the discomfort, we run from and hide.

No malice, no judgement, no hatred no pride.

No ego, no torture no place for this to reside.

Farewell to the creature who had not one clue.

Hello to this beautiful soul, it’s way overdue.

We spend the first half of our lives learning how to obey rules and what’s

expected of us. Some of us break free from expectations and spend the

next half exploring life on our terms, realigning with our purpose, finding

our passions. Others aren’t as lucky forcing the universe to push us into

directions turned into lessons, heartbreaks and tears- living the true

definition of insanity until we finally get it. I’ve been there; in the ugliest,

darkest, coldest, loneliest places thinking I deserved it every time, ready

to surrender into a deeper hell. Something happened one day...I snatched

up the storm in formation and flipped it upside down. I embraced my tears

and was happy I could love so hard. I felt my heart aching in pain and

told myself- this will pass. I knew I had been here before but this time felt

different, I had the power to control how deep I wanted to fall. Emotional

pain lasts a few minutes and anything after that is the energy we are giving

it to keep it alive. What about giving that energy back to source (yourself)

and keeping you alive?

Love yourself.

I’m sorry for torturing you with the most negative thoughts in every


I’m sorry for keeping you sheltered.

I’m sorry for downplaying your intelligence to make others feel better.

I’m sorry for not taking care of you.

I’m sorry for abusing your heart.

I’m sorry for turning my back on you.

I’m sorry for not loving you.

I’m sorry for never thinking you were good enough.

I’m sorry for allowing you to think your life was worthless.

I’m sorry for allowing anyone to dictate your feelings.

I’m sorry for being your enemy.

I’m sorry for not letting you grow.

I’m sorry for hurting you.

I’m sorry for not being your friend.

I’m sorry I didn’t inspire you with creativity.

I’m sorry for not letting us live.

I’ve been working on loving myself to a capacity where no one can infiltrate,

manipulate or influence who I am. I used to have this wall up when I met

people, letting them in layer by layer until I didn’t recognize who I was

anymore. My energy was heavy, I was in a constant worry and I felt lost. I

was right where others wanted me to be; vulnerable and unfocused. I had

no voice, I felt guilty for being creative and I felt my purpose was to make

others feel good...even if that meant I didn’t. I made people uncomfortable

in my comfort. These layers were everything that made me who I am and

for mere acceptance from others, I allowed them to nip away and steal

whatever they can strengthen in themselves. I was broken down to nothing

until all I had left was a reflection of someone who wanted to be loved.

I began to ground myself to help protect my energy and differentiate my

emotions from others, quickly realizing these burdens weren’t mine to

carry. In doing so, I fell so in love with who I was and started accepting

who I was becoming. I found the light that so many have dimmed. People

can have so much influence on us, especially if you’re an empath. The best

part about these energies not originating from you is THAT exactly- you

don’t own them, so stop allowing them to own you.

Meditate to gain clarity, listen to your intuition and decide where your

loyalty stands- with your sanity, happiness and health or with toxic,

negative and draining vibes? You can love people from afar, love people and

not fuck with them, love people without becoming them.

Repeat “I love you, but I love myself more.”

It’s become a task too much to bare.

It’s painfully exciting to be self-aware.

I’m done listening to lies I pretend to believe.

I’m not that oblivious and far from naïve.

It’s a struggle to remain silent when the garbage that’s shared sounds like

whimsical knowledge to others’ ears.

There’s a thin line that will never have full balance when you are awake; you

either remain a little warm hearted or completely desolate.

I am struggling to shift myself into the perfect equation that eliminates

frustration and enhances my vibration.

Forever chasing intoxicating revelations to feed this high and increase my


Listen to that inner whisper; those puzzling words that softly echo in your

head. The ones that tend to go ignored. We hear them over and over…

“This isn’t good for you…. this isn’t right…. that’s not the truth…. you

know better…that was odd…” Engage in those feelings that surface; the

comfort, the hurt the love or the pain. Our true self knows when something

is wrong. It is our physical body that fights this awareness. We become the

complex human that can’t feel and think simultaneously so we diminish one

trait to enhance the other.

But we know.

We know within the first few moments what energies will elevate our

vibes and which ones will deceive it. We are aware of betrayal when action

is nothing more than a transparent seed. We are in love’s forecast when

comfort sings and vulnerability tickles.

Yet we fight both.

We inadvertently confuse the two and redefine a thief of hearts for

an eloquent charmer. Sometimes it’s as if the universe wants to send

a reminder of these vibrational forces that weave into our aura with


And still, we fail to listen.

Until our hearts are pierced, we disengage with all the answers within our


Wishing farewell in full certainty to an old and vaguely acquainted part of

my story…and fearlessly welcoming all the unfamiliar serene specs of life

waiting to latch onto me.

People aren’t ready for the truth. They want a raw form of emotions but are

incapable to reciprocate the vulnerability that comes with being honest.

We have been cursed to coexist with unemotional creatures, lingering

around indestructible barriers, searching for an ethereal entity that will

ignite something within us. The truthful ones are constantly crushed and

disappointed with the trust they instill in the wrong souls. But what do we

do when that’s all that surrounds us? What do we do when wounded hearts

are patched with bullshit mediocracy? And the simplicity of remaining

unattached, selfishly loving themselves? These leeches scream, “Love me!

love me!” and run with a spark of light expecting to stay bright enough to

feed one of their own.

Invest in your vibe.

Constrict your energy.

Remain aware.

Keep your chakras balanced.

Reinvent your roots.

Free your heart.

Brighten your aura.

Forgive, forget, move on.

Embrace the unfamiliar.

Indulge in nature.

Respect your vibrations.

Wander the wonders.

About the author

Poet who fell in love with writing at an early age. Sheryl has a passion for playing with words and sharing different perspectives of a story. view profile

Published on September 20, 2019

Published by That Guy's House

5000 words

Contains explicit content ⚠️

Genre: Poetry

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