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On to the Next Thing: A Memoir on Crime, Choices & Change


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Engrossing and earnest, On to the Next Thing is an insightful and positive journey through an empowering personal philosophy.

Engrossing and earnest, Corbin Bosiljevac's On to the Next Thing: A Memoir on Crime, Choices, and Change is an insightful look at a life transformed and a positive journey through an empowering personal philosophy.

Told in a series of stories and flashbacks and named for a popular prison-based phrase, On to the Next Thing combines personal anecdotes with self-reflection, and is tempered by faith, good humor, and authenticity.

It is a personal account, a cautionary tale, and an autobiographical consideration of mistakes made, consequences paid, a profession of faith. Readers interested in motivational self-help, the trials and tribulations of the federal prison system, a midwestern man's chronicle of his rediscovery of humanity and happiness after addiction, or a testimonial of new life found through Christianity will love this book. Bosilvejac's work is captivating and competent, and is sure to resonate strongly with readers of all types.

Though Bosilvejac's story is mostly confined to Kansas, it traverses considerable personal, emotional, and spiritual terrain. On to the Next Thing follows an idyllic childhood and comfortable college days to a big business backslide into the drug trade, subsequent SWAT bust, and prison stint. Rather than view his federal arrest as an ending in his life, Bosilvejac establishes it as a beginning. His book, though concerned with folly and foible, is more focused on how strength and determination can be used to forge a better life from the broken pieces left behind by crime and addiction.

Bosilvejac is both genuine and a genuinely good writer. His sentences have a deft flow to them, blending thoughts and events with dexterity and lending a smooth reading experience. His narrative voice is amiable and compelling, even when relating wild accounts of drug-fueled felonies and episodic adventures from his incarceration.

It is worth noting that Bosiljevac's memoir features experiences and interactions involving drug and alcohol abuse, violence, racism, anti-semitism, and other topics; readers sensitive to such content may want to read with caution.

It is also worth noting that, with this book, Bosiljevac has thoroughly demonstrated his promise in not only autobiographical, religious, and self-help genres, but in just-plain-good storytelling as well.

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My exciting memoir "On to the Next Thing" has been picking up pace these past several months. It's an eye-popping and encouraging book about survival and recovery. My hope is that it helps people who are on a wrong path and wows others with its shocking, real-life, true crime accounts. Audiobook! view profile

Published on May 31, 2021

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