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Having important government officials after you for breaking the laws of the land could be a bit cumbersome, but not for Mercy Perching.

When the world is collapsing by the aftereffects of a virus, what do you do? Not only do you try to find the cure if you have the means, but you also do as much as possible to protect your loved ones, right? Having some pretty important government officials after you for breaking the new laws of the land could be a bit cumbersome, but not for Mercy Perching. With only a few resources, she has become the single most prominent threat to the Sanctuary of the Americas because she has something that they want, or rather someone. Weisbeck provides a brilliant and entertaining secondary installment to the first in his series, called Children of the Miracle.


Dr. Mercy Perching has escaped the Sanctuary of the Americas along with a hybrid who appears to be immune to the FossilFlu. This has caused an uproar from the Prime, the leader of the Sanctuary of the Americas. Fleeing to the Sanctuary of Europe for protection, she is afforded some assistance from a close friend, Basil Goodman. With the impending doom overlooking the entire human and hybrid race, she is all too thrilled to deliver the human-hybrid baby she is expecting, in the safety of another sanctuary. Even she knows the dangers that lurk behind every corner if she successfully brings this life into the world. Alas, through several complications and the loss of the baby during delivery, she loses a part of herself but is quickly taken over by a need to rescue her friends who have also sent word of their escape to the Sanctuary of Asia. What lies for her and Bas there, in a territory that has cut ties from the outside world, is yet to be determined.


Weisbeck's story is sensational, offering suspense and wonder. The story is extremely well-written and creative. While readers were taken to the brink of scientific breakthrough with hybrids, Weisbeck maintains a sense of medical perspective and credibility to his writing while also introducing a breed of reprogrammed artificial intelligence life forms. Science is always evolving, and this author plays on the fear for the possibility of the creation outside of human capacity. The pace is thorough and steady, quickening a bit as the plot escalates to a crescendo and then slowing on the way back down. Readers who enjoy science fiction and dystopian thrillers won't want to miss this one! It is highly recommended the first installment is read prior to the second since it does have a direct continuation of the story-line.


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Daniel Weisbeck is the award-winning author of the bestselling series Children of the Miracle, a dystopian adventure. Daniel is a native US citizen but has lived in the UK for over twenty years. He is an openly gay author who enjoys writing LGTBQ+ characters into his speculative science fiction. view profile

Published on February 05, 2021

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