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Loved it! 😍

Nemesis is the perfect holiday read for the thriller lover - action-filled, fast-paced and written with clear direction and awareness.

Nemesis is a well-paced thriller from the start where the three key characters who we follow during the story are introduced to us, namely Dustin, Miri and Riley. Meeting to ski in a restricted area of White Peak National Park, they are excited for the exclusivity of the experience, a pass needed to enter, and the chance to ski some untouched slopes - a real adventure. Equipped for this expedition, it all starts to go awry when they try to get to a place called Frostmoor, an abandoned town, now preserved for the intrepid to visit, and meet a black-clad stranger who is eager to deter them from going any further.

Do they decide to take his advice and turn around? Or do they continue on their planned route regardless?

Well, it probably wouldn't have been such a good read if they'd turned around so I think you know the answer to that. Their decision to continue has consequences and they find themselves in a situation where they are in severe danger and have to draw on their intelligence and knowledge to survive.

This was an enjoyable thriller from the outset to its conclusion. Well-paced and plotted, I found myself getting through this very quickly as the narrative had flow and the characters were well-delineated. Not a great deal of depth here except in the discussion of Dustin's back story but then I'm not sure that this is really what one would expect of a thriller of this sort anyway. It is all about the action and there is plenty of it here.

The concept on which the book is centred is rather dark but Michael deals with it with a light touch; this means the novel is nasty enough for you to feel the threat but not so dark that you are left in despair at the motivations of humanity.

I will definitely read the book that precedes this one and hope that it has the same pace, and I am also looking forward to more books by Tyler Michael in the future.

This one would be a perfect holiday read - nothing too taxing but a great way to while away some time.

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Tyler Micheal is a film and video game enthusiast seeking to bring a similar mix of excitement and pace to fiction. He lives in Clarence, NY with his wife and son. His debut novels, APEX and Transcription, is available on Amazon and Barnes & Noble. Contact Information: view profile

Published on July 03, 2023

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