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A brilliant look into the mind and body. Beautifully written and full of information!

Absolutely raving about this guide! I will be recommending it to anyone and everyone who has ever been interested in yoga, meditation, or simply living a better life. The helpful tips, inspiring quotes, and fresh take are everything I want from a guide like this.

In a market absolutely flooded with self-help tips and tricks and a special new emphasis on self-improvement, MYNDFUL, By Dr. Ana Candia, ND stands out among the many with this easy-to-read informational guide about the mind and body. If you’ve read all of the meditation books, tried all the yoga classes but still feel like you’re missing something, it’s this book! Candia’s guide, which is divided into six sections brilliantly hones in on the factors that play into a more mindful and peaceful life. The message is clear, concise, and the journey simply screams genuine. 

There’s a real relatability here. Candia’s way of writing and presenting information isn’t overwhelming or too in your face. She sticks to the facts, supports those facts, and makes you want to learn more. I also really enjoyed the fresh take on these subjects. There are so many books out there in this genre, but this information feels like a new approach and like it can actually be applied to your everyday life.

I especially enjoyed the language section, which is the first in this book. There is something really satisfying about putting an actual word to some of these concepts. The definitions and explanations are easy to digest and I immediately wanted to commit them to memory.

Another important note about MYNDFUL is that you do not need to be an expert to enjoy it. Although the author touches on some complex concepts and practices, the information is presented in an enjoyable, very understandable way. The average reader, and even a beginner when it comes to yoga and meditation, can appreciate the plethora of knowledge and information here. 

Finally, the book is very well-edited and formatted. The imagery and layout are perfect for this genre! This would make a beautiful gift, or a great bedside table book that you can reference over and over!

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Prior to her naturopathic training, Dr. Ana Candia, ND, interspersed years of formal study with extended work periods in development & education. She is a second generation Argentine-Canadian, a proud mother of one, and a student of Nature. She lives, breathes and practices in Durham, Ontario. view profile

Published on September 01, 2022

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