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My cat brother, Sterling


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We would've loved this story even if our cat didn't look or act like Sterling.

Aw, Sterling, the cat is so dang adorable. We loved the drawing of them, white as fresh powder snow and sporting a solid gray tail. We noticed a few illustrations had Sterling with a gray streak on his face, but others did not. There was a group shot of three cats together, and Sterling now had two stripes on his face. As My cat brother, Sterling continued, the kitty gained more spots on his body. The inconsistencies in the design of Sterling couldn't be overlooked. 

We thought Sterling believing they were a dog was the cutest thing ever. FYI: We also have a cat who thinks they are a canine. Our cat barks like a dog, just like Sterling the cat did in My cat brother, Sterling by Mayra Hernandez. Our cat plays fetch too. However, our feline doesn't pee outside on fire hydrants or head to the dog park. My kitty doesn't dig in the trash either. They do stretch and sniff inside it quite often.

The similarities in coloring and hysterical canine behavior between Sterling and our furbaby made this story a home run in our house. Okay, we would've loved this story even if our cat didn't look or act like Sterling. We loved the "Meet the real-life characters." Your furry friends were just as adorable in person as they were in cartoon format. 

Amazon's recommended reading age is 3 - 8 years, and I agree with that assessment. Toddlers might not understand the dialogue, but I think they will get enjoyment out of the pictures. Kids love dogs and cats! 

My cat brother, Sterling by Mayra Hernandez is absolutely, 100% brilliant. I will be recommending the book to my parenting groups, and my daughter said she would tell her friends about it too. We can't wait to read more creations by Mayra Hernandez!

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When a cat thinks he is a dog, silliness ensues in this hilarious and heartwarming new picture book.

A cat that barks, fetches the newspaper, and goes potty on trees? Sterling the cat idolizes his doggie big brother Rocky and wants to be just like him. So much so, he actually believes he’s a dog! Rocky knows the truth about his happy cat brother, Sterling, but should he burst the imposter “dog”’s bubble by cluing him in to the truth?

The playful story takes the reader through a variety of everyday scenes with Sterling the cat and his dog brother, Rocky, whom Sterling reveres. It seems Sterling is of the mind that he is not a cat at all, but indeed a dog, just like his brother. And so, he behaves like one. Does Rocky ever clue in his cat brother about the teensy-weensy truth that he is in fact, a cat? Only time will tell.

Based on the author’s real-life pets, My Cat Brother, Sterling, is a rollicking read-aloud for families and educators of young children, sharing with young readers that we are all different and can love each other, just the same.

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I am a former kindergarten teachers aide, now author. I hope to continue writing books for children to find joy and laughter in. I love watching true crime shows, and having family game nights. My husband and I live in the beautiful Sunshine State with Rocky, Katie, Pumpkin, and Sterling, of course. view profile

Published on May 16, 2022

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