Mouse's Splashy Tuesday


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A fun-filled story of an imaginative girl and her adorable dog one rainy day.

This book couldn’t have picked a better start for its story. I just love the idea of a rainy morning and waking up full of excitement for the day ahead. It certainly brings me back to my childhood days. I’m sure children would enjoy it as well, especially when they’re all cuddled up and cozy at home, listening to a story that would bring a smile to their curious faces.

This is a story that they can also re-read themselves or simply go back to whenever they feel like recalling the adventure of Mouse and Chewie (the little girl and her pet dog). The illustrations are very cute and refreshing. They assist the reader in picturing themselves along with the little girl and her dog. Being a grownup, I could even imagine myself waking up in Mouse’s cozy house, talking sweetly with her mother, and having my own adventure on a rainy day.

Not everyone can have a pet to play with, but everyone could certainly read a wonderful story like this and imbibe the excitement of going outdoors with a dog like Chewie. Children could also practice their imagination as they accompany Mouse in exploring the wild water lands during a storm.

This book is recommended to everyone who is a child a heart. It would be excellent for bonding time between mothers and daughters who can have fun together and talk to each other like very good friends. They may even enjoy accomplishing the short activity included as a bonus at the end of the book.

This is a very enjoyable book. I only wished it were longer so I could spend more time with the book's characters. Grownups should also be the ones to advise little children how best to protect themselves against harsh weather conditions when encountered in real life. Good job for the author and illustrator of this book!

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A family-friendly rainy tale of a girl and her dog with whimsical illustrations by Anastasia Khmelevska.

"A breezy, fun, imaginative adventure!" - Jim Hardison

"Lily (aka "Mouse"} is an adventurous, highly imaginative young girl. This children's picture book takes very young readers on one of Mouse's adventures. Well illustrated, this book should delight first-time readers." - Max W. Fischer

The storms are coming! Young Mouse and her pug Chewie protect their home and garden in this imaginative, watercolor battle against the rain!

When Lily ("Mouse") wakes up to another storm, she fills her belly up with pancakes and bacon, stomps into her mud boots, and faces the rain to defend her home. A delightful tale about making the most of a rainy day, this is an adventure- and bacon-filled short story to share with the young one in your life.

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Published on November 08, 2020

Published by Mae Publishing

0-1000 words

Genre: Children's

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