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Monsters Need Breaks Too!


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"Monsters Need Breaks Too!" uses humor to teach children not to fear "monsters," and the importance of self-care.

Children will always be afraid of monsters, whether they lurk in the shadows, the wilderness, or in the waters. Stacie Green (author and illustrator) presents a different side to "monsters." She shows kids they have nothing to fear with the mythical, fictional, or supernatural beings in the storybook. Well, except for the Kraken, it seemed to sink ships for no reason at all. 

The "monsters" in the whimsical tale had feelings, just like you and me. For instance, the ghost worked hard to make their house the creepiest on the block, and they get upset when children trespass on it. It only scared away the neighboring children because they thought it was rude the children were coming onto their property uninvited. Little do the kids know, the ghost would rather listen to music than spend the night saying, "Boo." Oh, and Poor Lock Ness Monster; it doesn't want to dive deep into the water's muddy floor. It has to, though, because they fear being discovered by humans. At least Nessie can wash the harrowing day away with a warm bath filled with bubbles and rubber duckies. 

Monsters Need Breaks Too! features seven "monsters" children won't be so scared of once they read the book. They'll realize that these "monsters" have feelings and struggle to deal with them. They also come to understand the importance of taking time for themselves and doing something that makes them happy. Children will laugh when the swamp monsters take a dance break or when Bigfoot stops for tea. Even the illustration of the Kraken will make kids smile! 

Monsters Need Breaks Too! is a fun, inventive story with humorous illustrations. I must acknowledge some editing mistakes, but they didn't dampen the flow of the story. Amazon's recommended age is four and older. That is the ideal age for children to embrace, and not fear, the monsters in the book. 

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In the enchanting world of "Monsters Need Breaks Too!" we encounter a unique cast of characters, each with their own way of taking breaks to improve their moods. When the monsters find themselves feeling irritable, annoyed, and sad they know just what to do! Sometimes it's a dance break where they shake and move their bodies with joy and other times, it's a cozy reading break where they can escape into another world for a while.  Throughout the book we'll meet a variety of monsters with their preferred break time activities.  Through vibrant illustrations we encounter humor and fun ways to find joy and improve our mood.  By showcasing the different ways monsters take breaks, "Monsters Need Breaks Too" invites children to embrace the importance of self-care and discover their own unique methods of finding joy and tranquility.  So, let's join these marvelous monsters as they teach us that moving our bodies, indulging in breaks, and expressing ourselves through art are all magical ingredients for a happy and balanced life. Because we all get grouchy and feel down at time and we all need to practice self-care by taking a break to improve our mood. 

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Stacie Green, an illustrator living in Durham, North Carolina, is known for her whimsical and playful designs. Combining fabric patterns she designed with mediums like watercolor, colored pencil, oil pastel, and digital art, she creates colorful and fun illustrations that bring joy and laughter. view profile

Published on June 22, 2023

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