Miracles...and Beyond


Loved it! 😍

It's imperative to look ahead but sometimes you need to take blinders off to see God's hands; this book gifts perspective & miracles abound!

The only critique I wish to pass along to this author follows: Stand in your truth confidently and without apology. Own the miracles that God has bestowed upon you. Own your faith, your belief, your God-given insight, discernment, and knowledge for all the world to see!

You know what you know. God walks with you, talks with you, and guides you throughout each day. Stand confidently upon the Truth and share from a position of God-given power and authority. You have experienced miracles in your life and others can anticipate His hand to produce the miraculous within their own lives too! Raise your voice, shout it from the rooftops, you have a testimony to share, and don't stop with this book but move into speaking your truth to more and more individuals and congregations too.

Dispel your unbelief dear reader. Leave it at the door. What you will read here is the Holy Spirit at work. From feelings (spiritual discernment) to actual technological hijinks (God works in mysterious ways), things that happen within Dawn Chan's life cannot be written off as mere coincidence. Her life's story, painted with broad-strokes, will afford you an opportunity to see how two paths diverged in a forest and how she was able to pick her path with care through prayer and through the receipt of God's signs and wonders.

Dawn Chan shares her experiences and from them, we not only gain insight into one woman's journey but we also gain insight into our own. Miracles are not just for some but meant for all of us. Some miracles we'll experience this side of heaven and some we won't until we get there; however, all we need to do is be aware, watch, listen, trust, have faith, be still, and know.

As a fellow believer, this book wasn't revelatory but it was encouraging and affirming. It's a book where the author takes you into her life and shines a light honestly on successes, mistakes, and failures alike; and, shows how we as people may find ourselves rerouted, redeemed, and refined.

One of my favorite parts of this book was found toward the end on page 130. I pray all pastors (and husbands) to take note! What a blessed marriage Dawn Chan is currently living within to not be pressured, imposed upon, or required by her pastor husband to do anything in regard to church life and the people that make up their home church. They both trust the Holy Spirit at work within her to prompt her as necessary as to where (and when) she is needed most. My prayer: May we all be loved, within the bounds of matrimony, with acceptance and freedoms such as this!

Miracles exist and when you read this book may you be gifted with the sight to see the miracles within your own life. God's hands are at work!

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Dawn Chan Curtis was born and raised in Hong Kong. She is a mother of a son, and wife of a pastor now serving a Church in Texas. Dawn has authored other books in Chinese on Christian living in the workplace. She was a public relations specialist earlier in her career. view profile

Published on November 27, 2020

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