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A logical and practical approach to maintaining life-long happiness. This is a no-nonsense approach to emotional health.

Mindscaping is structured by crucial factors for effective self-improvement, such as the importance of self-reflection, establishing goals for yourself, and maintaining your confidence and self-esteem.

As a psychology graduate, the author is fascinated by human thought processes and actions, but believed his studies focused more on theorising at the expense of practicality. Hence, the author provides a guide to achieving happiness that is genuinely applicable to daily modern life, rather than hypothesising human psychology and nature without any pointers as to how a state of happiness can be maintained.

This book is very well written and easy to follow. Mindscaping is written in a way that makes you feel as though Jensen is walking and talking you through the logical process of producing happiness. It is interesting to see how the author has formulated their own tried and tested method for a more durable state of happiness than other self help books may try to encourage. Jenson walks you through his framework for happiness, in which you are able to organise your ‘thoughts, actions, and intentions toward happiness’. It is clearly a well-researched blueprint, and Jenson reassures the author that though their blueprint may initially appear restrictive, it facilitates your ability to ‘optimize’ your experiences of life around you and wasting less time on wondering where to start or what to do.

Jensen puts questions and scenarios to the reader surrounding the concept of happiness and how you can optimise your own experience of it through productive actions instead of theorising. I particularly liked how the author provided the reader with a template to creating their own ‘mindscape’ through categorising major life values. I found that establishing these categories and then working out how they could merge with my own goals was very effective for me personally.

The techniques employed in this book are clear and concise, and I have to say that the organisation of one’s thoughts sounds impossible yet Jensen has proven that you can in fact develop long-lasting positive habits through a logical process, such as the framework he provides.

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The Happiness Framework

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Donovon Jenson is a software engineer at Google, holding degrees in health policy and psychology from the University of Utah. He also runs the website How to Happy, which focuses on tools for optimizing happiness. Other titles: Surviving Customer Service, Real Resolutions. view profile

Published on January 25, 2021

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