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For readers seeking a quick jaunt to a happy place, Meditate on This is a sweet and comfortable bit of escape.

Meditate on This, the third entry in the light-hearted “Love Hurts” romantic comedy series by Roseanne Beck, is a story about pretty people who share mutual attraction, availability, a convenient circle of friends, and symbiotic skills that allow them to help each other and improve their respective lives. Ellie is a struggling yoga studio owner who needs business coaching; Clay is a recently injured loner who needs help during his recovery. With good hearts and intentions, the two come together and find they like it and don’t want to part.


Beck succeeds in creating a book that entertains without delving into complexities that both distract and deepen more substantive stories. Here, very little blocks the path of Clay and Ellie’s union, and the minor conflicts that do dust up, namely her weak denial of their attraction and his affront at her verbal jab, are half-hearted and quickly overcome.


With abundant characters from the series’ prior entries, the story gives a warm sense of community and, for returning readers, may offer a welcome check-in and continuation. For readers new to the series and seeking a quick jaunt to a happy place without villains or darkness, Meditate on This is a sweet and comfortable bit of escape.


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Published on March 21, 2019

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Genre: Romantic Comedy

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