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Meditate: Breathe into meditation and awaken your potential


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This is a complete text-book guide to the art of meditation, giving a step by step guide on how to use meditation to change your life.

'Meditate: Breathe into Meditation and Awaken your Potential' is undoubtedly a great guide to learning the ins and outs of meditation.

Author Talwinder Terry' Sidhu does a great job of explaining how meditation can change your life. He outlines his own childhood experiences, of not fitting in, and details how meditation made that change. While he abandoned meditation in early adulthood, he found himself returning to it, and the results were equally helpful in helping him find peace in his life.

Mental health is a huge challenge today, and with the COVID-19 social distancing recommendations, people are becoming more isolated. For those with depression, anxiety, post traumatic stress disorders, and other mental illnesses, this can be incredibly challenging. Over a billion people world-wide have mental health issues. with over 800,000 suicides each year. Meditation can help.

He teaches from his own experiences, of how meditation helped him cope with being bullied when he was growing up. Having turned to being a life coach and then instructing classes in meditation, he offers this book as an alternative to those who cannot take his in-person classes due to COVID-19 social distancing requirements.

It is nothing short of a textbook account on mediation. He explains what meditation is and where it came from.

He explains the essence of breath, and why it is so important, and how that can help you tame your overall mental health.

Without breath, there is no life. As long as there is breath, there is life. He goes into a detailed account of how breath, and breathing correctly, can calm your anxieties, depressions, memories of childhood traumas, and more.

Additionally, he includes:

- Exercises on how to begin to breath correctly.

- Ways to increase the effectiveness of your breathing.

- A complete description of 'best posture' for 'best results'.

- Mantras to say when you are meditating.

- And a guide on how to get to higher levels of peace through Transcendental Meditation.

- Links to his website with video demonstrations about technique.

- Yoga exercises that can help improve posture.

- An explanation of the integration theory explaining how to tame the energy sources in your body to work together for the best results.

This is a great book for those wanting a complete guide to meditation. Personally, I found it a bit 'heavy' and a little too comprehensive. It's not a light read. It's really a complete guide. If you want to use meditation to change your life, it's a guide you should definitely invest in.

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Talwinder Sidhu has helped clients get out of unhealthy relationships and into healthy ones, launch their business, start their careers, and explore their inner spirituality by teaching them meditation. view profile

Published on November 15, 2020

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