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Trek alongside Detective Lance Marshall as a brutal murderer sets out to cause chaos and destruction in Marshall Law by Paul Kilmartin.

What is the final straw before anyone knows what their breaking point is? After reaching that breaking point, what lengths would you go to for a semblance of normalcy? Everything has limits, but how far we push those limits and how creative the mind is, really has a bearing on the outcome of that person’s life and death. Kilmartin has created an enjoyable serial mystery that is sure to leave the reader hung up until the last few chapters of the book. 

Lance Marshall is the cop who no one likes. Why? Because, Lance Marshall investigates other cops. In this particular case, a woman is murdered in a park with four ways in and four ways out, one of those ways being the police station. Some of the other ways include a church, a medical facility, and a mortuary. With the precision of the stab wounds on the victim’s body, Marshall knows that he is looking for a highly-skilled individual who has surgical, military, or police training. In order to isolate those theories down to one solid lead, he is going to have to become the bad guy again... that’s right, investigating more cops. He has a few decent detectives on his side who want to find the truth and nothing but the truth. Lance knows that will come in handy. When another body is found, the same pattern emerges, but the third body is what blows the murders out of the water. Racing against time—Lance knows that the Chief of Police originally hired him for failure—he must prove not only to himself, but to everyone else in the squad, that he is highly capable of finding the killer going by the book. Even if the killer may be the very entity that has Lance in the hot seat in the first place. 

The first thing that stands out and should be addressed with Marshall Law is the grammatical and spelling issues. While quite poor, this story has the potential to be a great one if the reader can get past this aspect. Unfortunately, the reader shouldn’t have to. We recommend the author allows this story go through one more round of editing and proofreading if he really wants to achieve success with finding more readers. Moving past this recommendation, the characters are a little rough around the edges; however, you definitely get a decent personality descriptiveness about each of the characters within this story. Some more exuberant and exaggerated than others, but the reader can get the drift of which side each character bats for. No one is perfect and everyone has skeletons in their closet, but whose is the worst? The actual pace of the story carries on in a nice way, but again, the reader may find it difficult to find a continual flow with all of the grammatical and spelling hindrances. If you are a reader of murder mysteries, crime thrillers and police procedure, you may want to read this one. It is unclear whether this will be the first installment in a series called the Metro City Murders, but our assumption would be that this additional series title implies that there will be more cases for Lance Marshall to solve. 

An electronic copy of this book was provided to Turning Another Page by Reedsy Discovery and in no way affects the honesty of this review. We provide a three-star rating to Marshall Law by Paul Kilmartin.

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Published on March 10, 2019

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