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Making a Stylish Exit


Not for me 😔

Fashion and beauty routines; dates in exotic places. What more needs to be said?

This is a book about internet dating and fashion. The protagonist, the author, knows what she likes and wants in dating, yet bends her own rules when it feels right. Not all her swipe-right matches meet her personal preferences in terms of height, weight, looks, behaviours and interests. However, she continues with the dates that have been set up – with some surprising results.

The introduction to the author describes a fashionista whose career in fashion makes her the perfect person to name-drop high-end brands effortlessly. It summarises how she found herself as an American expat in Switzerland: “People move to Geneva for love or work.” Our heroine moved for love, then stayed when the love didn’t. It’s clear that the “Stylish” in the title refers not only to her career in fashion, but also to the act of leaving on one’s own terms: whetting the reader’s appetite for the dating stories to come.

What follows are recollections of “situationships” of different lengths and styles. Each chapter starts with a quote from a fashion designer, setting the tone and often alluding to the “plot” of that particular date. She details the cuts and colours of the outfits she selects for each date: this woman lives for fashion!

The informal style suits the content well. However, much of the dialogue occurs without commonplace contractions (such as “I’ve” for “I have”), unintentionally presenting the most informal part of the stories in the most formal manner. This, and the way it randomly switches perspective from first person “I” to second person “you”, is jarring. The one section in third person “she” works particularly well, as it is set up as a fairy story. Why? Read it to find out!

This book would benefit from stricter editing: errors in punctuation, misspellings and inconsistent formatting of numbers are off-putting and detract markedly from the reading experience.

The content could be dismissed as frivolous, dominated as it is by outward projections of outfits and beauty routines. The last section redeems this shallowness by the author reflecting on her dating experiences and questioning whether she did, in fact, find what she was looking for. The reader is left satisfied.

Best read after a long hard day, with cocoa, vodka and tonic (or other favourite tipple), preferably snuggled under a blanket with battering rain outside, this book provides gentle escapism to wash away worldly cares. It’s warm respite.

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About the author

Nicole Richmond was born in Washington, D.C. She received a B.A in Fashion Merchandising and worked in the fashion industry. These days she is a self-love advocate and self-proclaimed shoe addict. However, her most important job is raising her sons to be nothing like the men in this book. view profile

Published on November 07, 2019

Published by Goshen Publishers

60000 words

Contains mild explicit content ⚠️

Genre: Women's Fiction

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