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Maiden Hills


Worth reading 😎

A light magical fantasy novel that is enticing and interesting to read

If I am being honest, this book is not what I expected. It's not to say that my expectations were not met, the book was enjoyable enough but the plot did not take me in the direction that I expected when I first started reading the book. Which is not inherently a bad thing.

The first half of the book is what you would expect in terms of setting up the story. You get introduced to the main players in the story. The second half is where things start getting revealed and the story starts taking off. I would say that the second part of the story was the highlight for me. It started out a bit slow, just enough to keep my interest but then slowly grew into a piece of work that was relatively engaging. The story was a bit predicable but not in a way that detracted from it as a whole.

I would say that this book is more plot driven than character driven. I say this because the characters were a bit two dimensional. I was told a lot about who the characters were and didn't actually get the SEE who they were. They didn't have much of a personality. I found the main character to be extremely bland and almost completely irrelevant, which is funny because the story is essentially about her and she does play a role in the story. But quite frankly, the story could have been told from the perspective of the other characters and it would not have changed anything for me.

But irregardless of the main character's shortcomings, I ended up finding the story engaging and enjoyable. There is magic, the world has an interesting backstory and all the elements came together to make for an interesting read.

It is worth a read if you are into light magical fantasy.

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I don't remember a time I didn't love reading. So, I suppose it stands to reason why I love writing as well. I prefer curling up with a good book and some pistachio ice-cream to a 'night out on the town'. I enjoy meeting new people but I'm not much of a talker; an affable introvert.

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I am a retired finance professional and a lover of fantasy especially from the era of knights and royalty. Maiden Hills is my debut novel and when I'm not writing, you'll find me reading, gardening, or traveling. view profile

Published on August 09, 2020

Published by 3P Publishing

100000 words

Genre: Young Adult Fantasy

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