Lockdown Hair


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Charming picture book that skillfully deals with the trials of living in a pandemic.

Lockdown hair is a children’s picture book written by Linda Steinbock. It is a charming story of how one family learns to adjust to life during a period of lockdown during the Covid-19 pandemic.

While talking to her grandmother on a video call, Siona notices her grandmother is in desperate need of a haircut. Siona, her grandmother, and her mother discuss how people have coped without hairdressers during the lockdown period - from shaving their hair to giving themselves ‘bowl cuts’.

 The three then discuss how Siona’s mother, as a hairdresser, will keep people safe when they return to the salon.

The remainder of the story focuses on Siona who makes a plan for her mother to follow when she reopens the salon. She creates a list of instructions for her mother to keep everyone safe. These steps range from simple and logical changes to work practice to more amusing and ridiculous suggestions! Each suggestion is expressed through appropriate child-like dialogue and vibrant accompanying watercolour illustrations. The list of instructions covers everything needed for staff and customers to keep safe, for example, social distancing and the wearing of face masks.

This story is an ingenious way to teach children about the changing hygiene and safety needs we need to take whilst we are living in a pandemic. Public health measures and restrictions on daily living are addressed in a non-threatening and informative manner. The effect of the pandemic on families is explored in a truthful, yet compassionate manner.

Lockdown Hair is fantastic picture book. It combines authentic dialogue and charming illustrations with serious messages. Like all good children’s books humour is used to reinforce the messages. This is a valuable addition to any home bookshelf, but equally valuable in school or early childhood settings. This charming picture book scores 4.5 stars from me. 

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Uh oh! Siona's family needs her help!

Siona is worried about her mum going back to work at her hair salon while a dangerous virus is on the loose, making so many people sick! Siona decides to do something to help her mum cut hair and stay safe at the same time. She comes up with some creative and ingenious solutions, but will they work?

This fully-illustrated children's book serves as a humorous and sensitive way to introduce children to a public health crisis, lockdowns and the pandemic's effects on working families. Siona comes up with clever, compassionate ways to keep her mum safe, all while learning to turn fear and anxiety into positive, constructive action. A perfect book for any family to inspire a conversation about "the new normal" during the pandemic.

About the author

Linda Steinbock is a humanitarian aid worker of Swedish and Malay Singaporean descent. She supports children and families affected by conflict, typhoons, earthquakes and tsunamis. While quarantined Linda wrote a children's book to illustrate how the power of human connection can overcome adversity. view profile

Published on March 02, 2021

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Genre: Children's

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