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Lethal Voyage (Mike Stoneman Thriller #3)


Must read 🏆

Likeable detectives, exotic locale, and a bit of poker mixed with comeuppance in the shape of murder. Loved it!

This enjoyable thriller stars the likeable detective Mike Stoneman in another adventure. Mike, his pathologist girlfriend, and partner Jason with his new girlfriend all head off for a vacation on a luxury cruise ship, only to find murder has followed them on board.

While this trope makes me seriously doubt the wisdom of travelling with any detectives ever, Kevin Chapman makes this plot believable. The author has obviously travelled on a cruise ship, and includes details that bring the scenes to life. I personally would like to see a towel eagle...

There is a bit of confusion over who is in charge of the investigation on the ship, and ship security officer Keller is given to shouting that the ship is his rather too frequently for someone in the presence of his boss - I felt a bit muddled about the lines of command.

Despite this, things charge along with the occasional diversion for games of high stakes poker and romantic interludes. I was flipping over the pages at speed near the end, as events sped up and the killer was revealed. The denouement was expertly done. Love the way it was tied in with ship activities.

There is a fine tension between PR and the desire to protect the passengers that is utterly credible after seeing the mismanagement of many cruises during the pandemic. In short, the whole thing seems believable, except for the flaw that the main characters continue enjoying their trip activities after finding several people dead. They must be hardier folks than I am- I would likely be hiding in my cabin and drinking until the cruise was over...

Much fun and I look forward to more from this author. Grab it and dream of the time when we will be able to travel again...with perhaps fewer deadly outcomes.

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About the author

Kevin G. Chapman is a labor lawyer who lives in Central New Jersey. Kevin has written four novels and several short stories, including the award-winning "Fool Me Twice," which was the genesis of the Mike Stoneman character. Kevin enjoys golf and tournament poker when he's not writing. view profile

Published on December 01, 2020

80000 words

Contains mild explicit content ⚠️

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Genre: Mystery & Crime

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