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Journey to Jumbalot


Loved it! 😍

I loved the creativity of a triangle doorway and the unique animal combinations!

Journey to Jumbalot by Ryan Wakefield begins with a cat, an absent-minded professor, and a triangular door. Alby is a black and white cat who was formerly a stray when Professor Wizoom took him in. Alby woke to strange noises and had to investigate as any curious cat would.

Professor Wizoom is in his lab working on some kind of invention. This invention requires lines of code and flashing lights along with the strange noises and a triangle doorway. The Professor tells Alby about a dream he had one night about creating this very doorway.

After a good night’s sleep, Alby wakes in search of breakfast and discovers no new food in his bowl and no professor. He explores outside and inside but cannot find the Professor. While waiting inside the lab, there is a loud boom and electrical sparks. The triangle door lights up and Alby hears voices from the other side. After much debate, he bravely enters the doorway in search of Professor Wizoom.

Alby lands in an unknown location with unique landforms and scenery. The creatures seem to be mashups of two different animals such as a falcoyote or a froguar. Even the fruits are unusual and have a unique effect on the animals, but you will have to read to find out more about that.

I enjoyed the creativity of this fantasy story of Jumbalot with a triangle door entry and an emphasis on the colors orange, green, and purple. The animal combinations are also a departure from the norm--who thinks of crossing a jaguar with a frog or a pug with a butterfly? And if this was not enough to capture a young reader's attention, there is action as two rulers vie for possession of a special gem and adventure as Alby and a new friend have to go in search of a creature who has not been seen in years. The only thing to dampen the excitement is that the chapters are a little long (many are well over 10 pages). If each chapter were broken in two and at a cliff-hanger moment, kids will be wanting to turn page after page; but also have good places to take a break. Longer chapters will be daunting to struggling readers as well.

I would still recommend this book for the creativity and adventure. I received an early copy of this book and this is my honest and unbiased opinion.

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The Journey Begins

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Since I was young, I loved the idea of blending two or three animals together to create a magnificent new species. This fascination and the love for fantasy inspired me to fulfill my lifelong dream to breathe life into a new world inhabited with these creatures - Jumbalot. view profile

Published on January 02, 2021

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Genre: Middle Grade Fantasy

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