Journey into the Shadow and the Sunshine


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A lovely collection about learning from the past without letting it shape the future.

Journey into the Shadow and the Sunshine is a collection of poems that take the readers on a journey from falling apart to discovering the beauty in putting the pieces back together.

The author dives back into a past most would want to forget – or ignore when they can’t, but Ms. Annabel Harz not only chooses to face it, but to retell her own story in her own way, making it into art.

The poems tell the story of being terrified where you are supposed to be safest and hating yourself even when you are all you have to discovering your own self worth and finding true love within yourself.

The work does not shy away from sensitive topics like depression, violence, self-consciousness, isolation, and even suicidal thoughts, and it hopes to inspires others going through similar situations to just hold on, to take the space and time they need to find themselves and outgrow the situations they are in and learn more about themselves and just how strong they are.

While the poems may not feel that deep or that striking, there is no denying their honesty, and they follow each other in a lovely pattern that makes this story told in prose worth reading.

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Journey into the Shadow and the Sunshine continues the theme of Journey into the Dark and the Light, the first book by Annabel Harz. Disarmingly honest words and images reveal more of her personal experiences: the deep shadows of loneliness and depression; the recognition of the value of survival at her lowest point of feeling unworthy; the importance of mental and physical space in creating a safe place for personal exploration and growth; and ultimately the sunshine of wellbeing when—through sheer grit and endurance—her personal demons had been conquered and set free.
Sustained effort is required to rise out of depression once it is established as a daily state of being. The poetry and artwork in this collection exemplify the resilience required to rise above the despair of mental ill-health, and with candour and sincerity depict the internal strength which facilitates reaching a place of well-being.

"When words so incisively and uniquely capture the experiences of pain, misery, shame and heartache, it gives the mind and soul a new way of understanding these events. And perhaps, these words then help to heal." - Sonia Street

TRIGGER WARNING: This book discusses domestic violence and emotions associated with depression, including suicidal ideation.

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Published on October 03, 2021

Published by Balboa Press

7000 words

Contains mild explicit content ⚠️

Genre: Poetry

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