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No matter where she dives, she's always in too deep. Return to the Ricky-verse for the kind of chaos only she can find!

Ricky Yamamoto may love the water, but she's always in too deep. So it goes with her adventure to the Far East. She's been offered a great new job, working as the divemaster on a millionaire's yacht collecting environmental samples. Piece of cake. Pays well. Beautiful scenery. Fabulous waters. No worries.

Well, okay, there MIGHT be some SMALL possibility of running into pirates. Captain Rich and the overzealous millionaire boss have that covered. Ricky's not worried. She's handled worse than local wanna-be pirates. What Ricky doesn't realize is that the pirates are the easy part of this gig.

Author Tracy Grogan takes readers on another extraordinary experience with Jetsam, book three in The Divemaster Ricky Adventures. Grogan's remarkable character is easy to like. She feels like someone you'd want to sit down and have a beer with. Until things go pear-shaped. Which they always do around her. While she's fun-loving, free-wheeling, and quick-witted, that's only the tip of the iceberg. She's got a unique skill set, which includes being a world-class diver. Something she takes very seriously. Okay, the only thing she takes seriously. When she's out of the water she's got a fiery temper, frequently getting into trouble because of her sharp tongue. Especially with authority figures and people who want to "harsh her mellow."

Ricky is joined again by Captain Rick, an equally talented divemaster with whom she worked in the previous novels. Captain Rick is six and a half feet of strength, smart, and sass. He fluctuates between being a top-notch hero and a middle school boy prone to socially awkward humor. He may be the perfect man. Together, Captain Rick and Ricky bounce off each other like old lovers still attracted to each other but preferring to pretend they have more of a sibling relationship. This creates a wonderful tension that is nearly palpable to the reader as they struggle through treacherous oceans, deep jungle, villainous captors, and a balloon ride from hell, with a little mountain climbing thrown in for fun.

...his ego wrote a check his skill set couldn't cash.

All of the characters in this story are well-developed and interesting. What they're not, is transparent and truthful. It's hard to know who to trust here, so my advice: trust no one. Alliances shift faster than sharks on a bait ball. As with all stories in this series, the plot is tightly woven, fast-paced, and spiked with intensity and humor.

I love wading into a new Ricky read. I know I'll find a great story every time. Because of this, I highly recommend this book (and the series) to fans of action, adventure, suspense, thriller, and even crime fiction. If you enjoy a great read with fascinating characters, a brilliant storyline, perplexing intrigue, and saucy wit, this is your read. If you're new to Ricky's adventures, no problem. This novel can be read as a standalone. But you'll be back for more!

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Not Far Enough

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I recently retired from a long (1981 to 2021) career in hi-tech. I am a lifelong traveler (thank you mom and dad) and outdoorsman. Since 1997, I've been an avid diver, logging more than 1400 dives, mainly in the Central and South Pacific. My experiences inspired this book. view profile

Published on April 05, 2023

90000 words

Contains graphic explicit content ⚠️

Genre: Action & Adventure

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