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In Memory of Todd Woods


Must read 🏆

A heartfelt twist on teen life in high school. Easy to relate to making you feel like you're part of it. You will struggle to put it down...

Typically this is not a book that I would necessarily have picked up but the synopsis intrigued me. For a book revolving loosely around death, so much love and teenage drama fill the pages. In Memory of Todd Woods revolves around Bob and the eventual deterioration of his friendship with Pete and their group of friends and their respective love lives or lack thereof...

In truth, this book has a lot of characters and at times, for me, it was a little hard to keep a track of, even with my notes. The majority of the characters are announced often with their second names too, lest you get confused, not that I actually saw two characters with the same name, other than the two Jens (Clifford and Spencer).

Originally written from Bob's point of view, the story does shift between Bob, Ellen, Martin, and Pete during the chapters, adding a fresh perspective into certain aspects of the story and often helping to gently move the story on without rushing the storyline along or jumping to fast. The story naturally flows which helps to draw you in.

If it wasn't for the teen suicide mentioned on page 1, you could almost have mistaken it for a romance book with all of the drama straight out of a teen's diary. Bob (Bob One Bixler) and his best friend Pete begin to watch their friendship deteriorate over a girl, Ellen Katherine Trumbell all because of the school prom. Typical teenage drama right? Bob, Pete, and Martin Storch are your typical smarter group of boys with the two Jens, they seem like an ordinary group of friends from high school. 

Todd's suicide has affected everyone within the school in their own way, whether they knew him or not. Unsure if Todd's death played a part in their lives changing, the group are desperately trying to cling to some sort of normality. 

Tom Taylor has somehow managed to write from a teenager's point of view without it sounding fake or cliche. It was a book that I honestly could not put down no matter how hard I tried and I read it all within one sitting. This book is aimed at teenagers and young adults and I agree. The way it is written felt almost painful to read at times because of how realistic it was and how easy it is to relate to the awkwardness and ins and outs of teenage life. A must-read but just be prepared for some unexpected twists and your heartache to grow by the end of the book...

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I'm Beckie, an avid reader, and a creative person. I own my own book business creating sketchbooks and journals by hand - but I love reading too! I wasn't aware of my dyslexia until I was 19 but it has never stopped me from devouring every book I've managed to get my hands on!


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Tom Taylor grew up in Connecticut and started writing when he was in grade school. He's gotten much better. He studied writing and film at Emerson College in Boston, and received his MFA in Creative Writing from Columbia College Chicago. He lives in Chicagoland with his wife and son. view profile

Published on April 23, 2020

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