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Immortal Defiance


Loved it! 😍

A refreshing fantasy full of betrayal, intrigue and an Elven enchantress waging war for her people's freedom. But it's never that simple...

Immortal Defiance follows Dulcea Lightbringer, a silver elf enchantress and dragonmaster, who is leading a war against a great oppressor. A betrayal places Dulcea in the path of Krath, a vampire awash in mystery, who has an interest in her that surpasses her beauty.

The narrative follows two POVs, Dulcea and Krath, with Krath taking on more of a secondary role. The structure of the book is not chronological, as the timeline jumps bath and fourth over the course of Dulcea's, and the Rebellion's, history through the use of flashbacks. The time jumps are clearly labelled and do make sense over the course of the novel. However, as a personal preference, I wanted to stay in one "time" longer to get a better sense of the world. Instead, the flow was disrupted and it took me longer to feel like I understand the world in its current state.

The strength in this story comes from the characterization, world building, and dialogue. The author has created stunning interactions between the two main characters in particular, and the dialogue flows beautifully. The relationships between characters felt real, as if they are all individuals with their own wants and desires, and the natural progression of friendships is wonderful to see.

One aspect of the worldbuilding that was lacking was in the use of magic and magical creatures. Note that this may be a personal preference, however, as I enjoy learning the structure and mechanics behind magic in a new world. We get some information, but it felt like a tease for more. I hope the next installments expand on this area.

Immortal Defiance is a refreshing fantasy full of betrayal, intrigue, and strong characterization. There were points I laughed aloud, much to my embarrassment as I was not alone, or found myself grinning like a fool. Immortal Defiance is an enjoyable read and I'm looking forward to the next books in the series. I'll definitely be reading both once they become available.

I recommend the novel for those who like their fantasy with a healthy amount of worldbuilding, realistic characters, natural dialogue, and impressive prose.

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Published on October 10, 2019

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