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Hush to Roar


Loved it! 😍

A memoir fraught with trauma will lead you down a path to become an overcomer; no one should be hushed, find your voice and learn to roar!

A memoir that will astound you. A memoir that will tug at your heart, bring you to your knees, and question, "why?" A story of freedom and forgiveness, "Hush to Roar" will make you want to find your voice and share your story too.

This book will remind of you of Maya Angelou's "I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings." Not for any poetic licensing or cadence but because of the author's own words referencing feeling as though she were a caged bird due to the trauma she endured. Incapable of being in control of her situations within childhood led to her selective disassociation from them in order to survive.

You will learn the importance of being loved, unconditionally, within the formative years of childhood. How support, encouragement, and being accepted for who you are from birth is vital to a person being able to overcome obstacles and trauma later in life.

Having worked as a foster care case aid in America, and having worked as a missionary within orphanages in Romania, I often felt any kindness, love, encouragement, or assistance I was able to give was simply a drop in a bucket that did very little. However, I have also clung to the thought that even if I was only able to give one day of reprieve to a child, one day of true happiness, fun, laughter, joy, love, and encouragement; it is better to gift that one day for a child to have to cling to, for them to remember and know that life has more to offer than just what surrounds them.

Transitions of magnitude are hard on children and we should be careful how much we put them through. The life of this author is one that could have easily taken twice as many pages to sufficiently share; however, enough is written down for you to take away the highlights (and lowlights) of the main points of importance she hopes will stay with you. That being said, you will be left with questions and it's that probability that led to my four-star rating.

Forgiveness is key to ones healing. It's this forgiveness that is astounding! Early, healthy, loving relationships of how life should be are vital to ones success later in life.

If Toyin Okunuga has learned to find her voice, and is now able to roar, you can too; share your story, share your truth!

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A Business Analyst Consultant, and now owning her own business - "Hush to Roar," an inspirational speaker and coach for women who have undergone child abuse within the family. This is at the heart of her being, Toyin has spent decades studying the neuroscience behind trauma to help others heal. view profile

Published on October 18, 2020

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