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Hugs from Heaven


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A well-informed and beautifully written guide on coping with loss as well as rediscovering your purpose after grief.

I decided to pick up this book because a childhood friend of mine suddenly passed away at the age of 18, and I had no idea on how to offer sympathy to her parents and family other than giving my condolences, flowers (even though shortly afterwards, they specifically asked for people not to send flowers) and keeping my distance as the family wanted to be alone. I could not comprehend the profundity of their grief - I cannot imagine anything more difficult or more heartbreaking than losing your own child. In fact, the family hardly communicated with anybody, and I respected that . Two years later, I am still wondering just how on earth they did it. How anybody could continue living after such a traumatic loss and what goes through people's minds when they are not only forced to deal with the experience, but also talk to sympathy-givers and others who want to offer their support at a time when you simply want to be left alone for most of the day. I have dealt with intense grief before, but the loss of a child to me is unimaginable so I picked up this book to see how one parent dealt with their loss in a way that allowed them to continue living without misery constantly consuming them.

This book is written in a way that makes you feel as though you are with the author as they experience their grief, but you are trapped in a glass box and can do nothing to help despite wanting to reach out and help or offer comfort. After telling their story, the author provides the reader with genuine advice learned from their first-hand experiences in a fluid, almost conversational way. I know that many parents who have suffered the loss of a child will be able to identify with a lot of the varied emotions described by the author. The author discusses a lot of natural reliefs and comforts to help in the early stages, largely sleep, eating regularly, exercise and meditation however there are also comforts to be found in the reader's faith. Other methods are then encouraged such as mood boards and other creative projects to help you enjoy hobbies again, stressing the importance of going outside often too.

In short, I feel like this book will be a comfort to many in a similar position as the author as it offers not only practical advice, but a genuine story to remind the reader that they are not alone and that they will overcome this.

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Unexpected Blessings

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P. M. Owen had a childhood fear of having a special needs child, which became her reality almost twenty years later. Little did she know, it would become the biggest blessing she’s ever known. After writing for almost ten years, her purpose now is to bring peace and happiness to those who grieve. view profile

Published on December 25, 2020

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