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How to Paint a Wall with Pappy and Goober


Loved it! 😍

I wish this handy book had been available before I tackled my first painting project.

How to Paint a Wall with Pappy and Goober (Goober Learns) by Robert Hay is an under twenty-page comic book with old-fashioned style drawings. In the short tutorial, readers will first learn everything you need for your next painting project. Some readers might have some of the necessary supplies: old rags, pencils, paper, plastic cups, a ladder, a hammer, a screwdriver, a tape measure, and a calculator. However, there are quite a few items you'll have to purchase at your local home improvement store: paint, rollers, roller pan, ladder, spackle, scraper, and stir stick. 

Before heading off to the local paint store, Pappy and Goober must figure out how much is required for their project. Math is involved, but these two explained it in simple terms with excellent illustrations. They even share what to do if you need two coats of paint. Again, simple math. 

Pappy and Goober go over the finer points of painting, such as the "finish," how to prep the wall(s), how to apply the paint, and how to clean up. Each step ensures proper application to achieve the look you want. 

I was surprised at how entertaining I found How to Paint a Wall with Pappy and Goober (Goober Learns) to be. It was a million times more fun than watching paint dry. 

I want to note the file I received did have advertisements that were distracting initially. I wasn't expecting them, and seeing a board game amidst a how-to painting comic confused me. I'm assuming this and the other ad will be in the final product, so please keep that in mind when you purchase How to Paint a Wall with Pappy and Goober (Goober Learns). 

I wish this handy book had been available before I tackled my first painting project. It would've been a time-saver! This comic is perfect for new solo painters, two more painters, or an adult/child painting team. It's a must-have tool! Buy your copy today! 

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How to Paint a Wall is a short graphic teaching tool that can be used to learn how to paint a wall. Step by step, Pappy teaches his grandson Goober how to make to paint a wall and what is involved, and the reader can follow along every step of the way, through 13 full color pages packed with down to earth information. Any special terms are explained and every step broken down. This isn't a science book, it's just old fashion instructions of how to paint a wall that will give you a tidy, painted wall at the end of it if you follow along. So come on in to Pappy's house and let's paint a wall!

*Children need to be supervised when handling sharp tools, using ladders, using chemicals or around electricity, but you knew that already.

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Robert Hay is an illustrator and author. His series "Goober Learns" has won high praise from his parents, his wife and other people close to him. The verdict is still out from any strangers. He is usually dropping food on the front of his shirt somewhere near Dickson Tennessee. view profile

Published on July 11, 2022

Published by Nuked Cards, LLC

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