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How Not To Blog: Finding Myself One Post at a Time


Loved it! 😍

This collection of blog posts gives an honest emotional look at what life throws at us

This collection of Kali’s blog posts reads like a personal essay collection. The pieces are of varying lengths and include some photos. Topics range from writing to book reviews, to sexism, to motherhood, to chronic illness and everything in between. Her writing is honest and fluid, following one line of thinking, coming back and then following another. 

With each post, Kali is figuring out who she is, as a reader and writer, as a wife and mother, as a woman in the world. At times I felt like I was reading a letter from a close friend. Kali shares her experiences and opinions boldly. Wherever the tone of the pieces varied, from casual to angry to sad to joyful, I went right with her. 

While chronicling her life as a mother with chronic health issues both physical and mental, she touches on whatever is going on in the world at the time. From Mother’s Day to 9/11 to COVID, Kali’s emotions and opinions are pouring onto the page. 

This book will touch on all of your emotions, you’ll laugh and cry and get pissed off. When Kali’s husband is diagnosed with cancer, she shares freely what the experience is like for her family. The book is a recourse guide at times, as she lists organizations that provide support not only in regard to cancer but also mental health and other issues in her region of Canada. 

While Kali is sharing her experiences, this is also a book that reminds readers they aren’t alone. I can see why she has such a following on her blog, as her writing promotes discussion and connection. 

I most appreciated Kali’s candid tone throughout the book. This is her, take it or leave it! And even while I didn’t always agree with her opinions, I admired her for putting them into the world. Readers of personal essay and memoir will enjoy this book. 

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Published on June 01, 2020

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