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Loved it! 😍

Life is a roller coaster where you don't know the next turn. This book will leave you feeling the same. Highs and lows. Smiles and tears.

It was one of those times that the cover of the book really spoke to me. The title is alluring and fascinating. From the title one can make out that the book is about hope and future goals. Yet the book packs more than that in its pages and has the reader in its grips. Author E.D. Hackett in a very subtle yet profound manner shares some very important life lessons which we often ignore during our rush in life. They are simple and also known to us, but in the mad rush to achieve these lessons slip away into oblivion. Sometimes the answer to your problem is right within your reach.

In the book, Carly believes that living with her boyfriend hours away was the solution to escape the life her parents forced upon her. Her hopes are shattered when things do not go as she had hoped for. Eventually, an inattentive boyfriend and a dead-end job send her on a search for fulfillment. Fate plays a twist when a DNA test with shocking results sends Carly back to her childhood home on Block Island to uncover the truth about her past. The DNA test reveals that her childhood next-door neighbor, Chris, is her first cousin, yet neither of them knows how they are connected. The mystery deepens when she comes to know that Chris is marrying her best friend’s sister and his family will be at the wedding.

Carly begins to question everything and everyone around her, filled with doubt and suspicion. Everyone seems to have a secret they are unwilling to share. The question that rises here at the juncture is: Will Carly solve the mystery of her past before the wedding hits or will she never know the truth behind her family and her story?

I will not divulge more details and spoil the fun. It's a nice book that one can cozy up with along with a cup of coffee. The themes in the book are family, love, hope over doubt, friendship, community, and above all self-discovery. The writing is simple and effortless. The events happen in complete harmony and the readers can feel like they are part of the lives of each character. Recommend it to everyone.

I received an ARC of the book in exchange for an honest review. My views are my own and not biased towards the author or the publisher.

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I am open to trying new things. Being a librarian reading keeps me alive and helps me live new lives each time I read.

(Prologue and Chapter 1)

About the author

E.D Hackett is a Speech-language pathologist by day and a writer by night. She has two kids, two cats, one dog, and an amazing husband. She lives in New England but believes she she belongs in Ireland. She loves to read, write, knit, and cook. She has written three novels. view profile

Published on October 01, 2021

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Contains mild explicit content ⚠️

Genre: Women's Fiction

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