Heart Fire


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A book of heartfelt poetry that covers very difficult subjects and wonderfully expresses the suffering of going through narcissistic abuse

hold me like this:
like I’m a precious metal in
desperate times.
I will break if dropped,
mold your outline with me.
your eyes see beautifully-
cup me in your hands,
let me bloom, shy.
let your shoulder- that gorgeous rock- be my pillow. joonam- precious one.
I cannot be close enough.
touch me again,
so I can breathe.”

The book starts with a heartfelt introduction to the author and their struggles. I always find it better when poetry books start with this kind of introduction as it sets the tone for the rest of the book and enables you to see more in the poetry than you may have otherwise been able to. 

I found the poetry to be wonderfully written and very emotional. The best poetry makes you feel as you read it and I found that in this book. The journey the poetry takes you on as you delve deeper was a similar one to what I have been on myself, especially that of being in a relationship with a narcissist and the many confusing emotions that accompany that experience. Thus I found the book to be a balm of sorts and think others who have been through similar may also find it to be. 

“dear past me, (you poor thing)
you can’t win a game against a
they live by no rule but
do unto others, before they do unto you.
best wishes, wise future self.”

A quote I think every survivor of narcissistic abuse needs to read. I found the book to be incredibly touching and a positive journey from narcissistic abuse to finding and loving yourself whilst coming to terms with your suffering. I’d definitely recommend this book!

Disclaimer - I received a free digital download of this book from Reedsy Discovery in exchange for an honest review.

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The author is a third-year medical student. Native to Arizona, her travels are currently taking her to Montana where she will be completing clerkships. Her goal is to become a cardiovascular or general surgeon and eventually support individuals with disabilities. view profile

Published on July 02, 2020

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