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He Who Fights with Monsters


Not for me 😔

Though well written, it reads more like a colonizer's fantasy novel than as a tale of liberation and freedom, which it desires to be.

Weitz is a talented writer who has created a tale capable of capturing and keeping reader's attention. Unfortunately, this is the best of it. Presented as a hero story about a billionaire who takes out the world's corrupt leaders, it is actually a romance novel (which is frankly where it shines) that details one man's journey of vengeance for what he deems an unforgivable offense. While the character appears to have an innate desire to want to do good in the world, it is stunted by his limited scope and perspective. Even while claiming to see the beauty in the countries outside of the U.S. that he visits, he actually sees how they can be improved. Which might be fine if the solutions weren't rooted in the countries becoming replicas of the United States. Also, when choosing targets it is always poorer countries of color that are highest priority on the list. Yes, there is an acknowledgment that European countries also have corrupt leaders, but the leaders of those countries aren't murdered because they would pose too much of a risk and there would be serious consequences as a result. is the most vulnerable countries whose leaders are murdered and have democracy forced upon them. This is deemed acceptable by nearly everyone because the leaders are corrupt. It isn't until he kills an American leader in the act of ultimate revenge that any retribution is enforced. Some may find enjoyment in this fantastical tale, but the elements of centuries of forced oppression make it nearly unbearable.

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A native Californian, Marc Weitz runs a law practice in Downtown Los Angeles. His travels inspire his writing. He has traveled to 114 countries and all fifty states. Marc travels to and writes about faraway places. He currently splits his time between Los Angeles, Paris, and anywhere in the world. view profile

Published on November 05, 2019

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