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Grace for Grant: A Journey With an Old Soul


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This memoir is guaranteed to tug at your heartstrings and leave a handprint on your heart.

Grace for Grant: A Journey with an Old Soul, written by  Jacqueline Farthing Galvin is a heart-breaking recount of her son’s life journey.


This touching memoir details the journey of Grant Galvin and his family and friends who support both Grant and each other in this challenging time. Grant’s personality shines in this story – developed by the recall of his words, actions and interactions at the time, as well as retold childhood stories and adventures. We also get to know some of Grant’s immediate family, in particular his mother, father and mother’s partner. Grant’s mother Jacqueline Farthing Galvin is the author of this memoir the reader gets an excellent, and often heart wrenching insight into her thoughts, fears and motivations throughout this journey. Grant’s father and Jacqueline’s partner also feature, and we see not only their heartache, but their strength and the way they all support each other during this journey.


Grace for Grant: A Journey With an Old Soul is a well-structured memoir. It roughly follows a chronological timeline; however it does have some ‘flashbacks’ to earlier events in Grant’s life. These flashbacks add interest, depth and detail to the story. The flashbacks are easy to follow, and it is clear when the narration returns to the present day. The memoir is narrated by Grant’s mother, and as a writer her structure of the entire book is clear, concise and easy to follow.


Overall, Grace for Grant: A Journey With an Old Soul is a real life account of a genuine family and their journey with their son Grant. Their dialogue and actions are authentic and emotional. The memoir is easy to read and well structured. This is nothing short of a five-star book!

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Chapter One – It Was an Ordinary Day…

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Jacqueline Farthing Galvin, originally from Canfield, Ohio, has been in Tampa since 1984. Jacquie has worked in various capacities as an editor, presentation specialist, professional speaker and blogger. She has over 100 published works including A Tease of Murder, her first full-length novel. view profile

Published on December 07, 2021

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