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Go Digital: Make technology suit you - #techsuitDNA


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Go Digital provides a broad picture for organizations to effectively maneuver digital change by following five clear pathways.

Many organizations want to incorporate technology but very few have successfully done so. In Go Digital, David Arfmann presents a practical guide for companies to succeed in the digital world. The author presents clear pathways for leaders to effectively manage technologies like Internet of Things, artificial intelligence (AI), and robotics.

There are sequential modules in Go Digital which gives the reader an advantage. The summaries at the end of these sequential modules make it easy for the reader to capture the key insights from each module. The guiding fictional stories that link each module is a brilliant move because it incorporates storytelling.  In adding storytelling, the author brings a human touch to a profoundly serious and important subject. The human touch ties in with the author’s emphasis on individuals being the most important players in any digital transformation effort.

Go Digital effectively brings together the four main parts of any digital transformation effort. The author urges organizational leaders to develop what he calls a “tech-suit – DNA.”  According to David Arfmann, for any organization to master digital change, they would need to create the “tech – suit DNA.”  The modules in this text include how to get started with your tech – suit DNA; how to go forward with the organization’s DNA; how to make use of a technology’s DNA; how to make technology suit us; and giving form to the tech-suit DNA.

Readers will learn from Go Digital that if you adapt your mindset, digital change management will not frighten you. Additionally, readers will learn or be reminded that the right mindset during digital change is the only mindset that will lead to a successful digital transformation. I recommend Go Digital for any organization that is considering digital change. Every individual involved with the digital change management should have access to this book, regardless of the role they will play.

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Module 1 - How to get started

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Published on July 26, 2020

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