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Journey from the safety of your home with a heroic young woman fleeing from violence toward safety, hope, and a future for her unborn child

Imagine fleeing your home in fear for your life and future. Most of us will never experience the realities that many refugees in real life are faced with. In this novel we get a glimpse into those realities. 

Cece, who for her protection calls herself Rosita, flees her home in Mexico, crosses into Texas, then travels across the United States toward Los Angeles, in search of a better life for her unborn daughter. On her journey she meets many people, some good and some evil, and tells us about her encounters. She also adds her commentary and comparisons between Americans and Mexicans.

Julia Reid Galosy, herself an immigrant to several countries, points out in the Foreward key differences between immigrant and refugee. An immigrant moves toward a new place full of anticipation for the future new challenges. A refugee moves away from a place filled with terror, fear of the unknown, and often with humiliation. Should they be treated the same?

In her debut novel, Galosy features a young woman who the author says is the “embodiment of all those strong women” she herself met in Mexico. Her goal in this book is to honor the heroic Mexican mothers pursuing a better life for their child. In many tender moments throughout the book she accomplishes her goal, honoring those who sacrifice greatly for their children. 

As I read I wanted to know what happened to Cece, so I turned the pages quickly. But was frequently slowed down by the awkward dialogue which sounded more like a young American than a young Mexican. I wondered if a Mexican refugee would speak in such a way or read specific books mentioned. I wished the author had spent more time with Cece’s experiences (especially some of the trauma) instead of telling the reader what happened next. 

Themes - good versus evil, acceptance versus judgement, and humanity versus inhumanity - in this book invite us to think about our own actions. This is a good story to read to have insight into the external changes of a refugee’s life and to grow in empathy and kindness. 

I liked the hope filled story premise. For me it would have been a better book with more realistic dialogue and stronger character development. Galosy’s heart for mothers, refugees, and immigrants is undeniable and this book is a great start. 

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Like most of us in our modern times I have lived many lives: writer, explorer, professor, dancer, humorist. Now, in Central Mexico, I am a transplant from Catalunya, England and the USA. I seek to understand how we make decisions in our lives while the consequences remain unknown and unexpected. view profile

Published on September 01, 2020

Published by Atmophere Press

100000 words

Contains mild explicit content ⚠️

Genre: Contemporary Fiction

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