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I hope a movie studio discovers the "Ferryman (Creepy Creations)" and works their cinematic magic to bring it to life.

Ferryman (Creepy Creations) by T. B. Phillips is based on the Ferryman Tales comic series created by Chris Hays and McLain McGuire. I haven't read their comic series, but after reading this book, I want to. 

First off, the cover was sensational. It was spooky and mysterious, sparked fear, and the Ferryman's eyes were mesmerizing. I could see a person becoming lost in them while their body trembled in fear over his arrival. When the transporter of the dead comes for you, you best be prepared to answer his riddle or your dues. Those who can't pay are cursed to drown for 100 years. Not a fate I would want to live.

Many characters in the Ferryman (Creepy Creations) faced judgment day, and they had to answer for their sins. Greed and power were the roots of evil expressed. This story hammers home the point of not letting greed corrupt your soul.

Besides the hypnotic cover, the story had other elements that kept me engrossed to the ending credits. First, the story's broken up into parts that contain different points of view from key characters such as Curtis Charles, Mary Griggs, and Captain Thomas Tew. Scenes were replayed but viewed through their eyes. We got to witness how they interpreted the events and who caused the train of events that would bring about the arrival of the Ferryman. Curtis's POV was filled with unimaginable pain and unthinkable sights. Mary's scenes were the most horrifying, in my opinion. She saw things of pure horrors and ghostly figures. Visions that would drive anyone insane and did. 

I hope a movie studio discovers the Ferryman (Creepy Creations) and works its cinematic magic to bring it to life. If they do, I will be there on opening night! 

If your reading tastes center on mythology, witchcraft, dark magic, or the paranormal, you must read Ferryman (Creepy Creations). It'll hook you from the "Prologue," where the Drake sinks, to the ending scenes when the Ferryman delivers the souls to their final destination. 

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